the party, the VIPs present and the bride’s dress

Daniele Rugani And Michela Persico they got married today, Wednesday 29 May in the Church of San Carlo Borromeo, in Piazza San Carlo in Turin. The player of Juventus and the presenter had been a steady couple for eight years now and, last 2020, they became parents of their first child Tommaso who brought the wedding rings to mum and dad on a cushion. The newlyweds have not yet published anything on their Instagram profile, nor specified where they will celebrate, but some guests at the marriage to post different social stories.

The wedding of Daniele Rugani and Michela Persico

The marriage proposal had arrived at the concert in Calcutta: Michela Persico he was singing one of the Latina singer-songwriter’s songs and Daniele Rugani he knelt behind her. She, moved, said yes to him and today, the two dressed as brides and grooms to swear eternal love to each other. The TV presenter wore a high fashion creation by Galia Lahav, as reported by Il Corriere dello Sport: her dress, in pure white, was decorated with flowers and petals and a long veil. The floral details were commented a few days ago on social media directly by Michela: «The white roses will be the chosen flower and the dominant theme of our day». Her father accompanied her to the altar.

The VIPs present

Daniele Rugani and Michela Persico they got married in the presence of their respective families, friends and also several VIPs such as, for example, Cristina Chiabotto, Nicolò Fagioli, Federico Gatti and Manuel Locatelli.


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