De Rossi sad, the sentence about Di Francesco after Empoli-Roma live on TV

De Rossi sad, the sentence about Di Francesco after Empoli-Roma live on TV
De Rossi sad, the sentence about Di Francesco after Empoli-Roma live on TV

EMPOLI – Last effort of the championship for Roma, who lost 2-1 against Empoli away. The Giallorossi coach Daniele De Rossi comments on the Castellani match and his boys’ season.


What De Rossi’s Roma must become

Is this match a point to start from? De Rossi responds like this: “Yes, it’s not that we evaluate and start again only on the basis of this match, but it makes you understand many things because the team we want to become is a team that, even when the points don’t matter, wants to play the game and wins even if it has less motivation than opponent because there is a huge difference in quality.”


De Rossi at the Roma channel

De Rossi spoke to Roma’s Youtube channel: “We don’t look ahead, but we look at this match to look forward. Something told us, beyond the result. This match is a starting point to look forward. What went wrong? We managed the ball well, but we got within 20 meters of the goal without ever giving the feeling of being able to score. We had few opportunities as long as we kept the ball and in certain circumstances we were a little weak in the duels. I think it’s a match that should make us understand some things because the mentality of a team can also be seen from how it finishes when the points don’t count as much and from certain characteristics that we have already talked about, because if you do 7-8 counterattacks four against four, four against three and four against two and you don’t succeed not even shooting on goal becomes difficult.”


Roma’s mentality

The mentality? Atalanta beat Torino with alcohol in their body for the cup, that’s where we want to get to. We want to get to the level of Roma when I played. We know that many teams will strengthen; if we don’t change our mentality, quality and characteristics it will be tough. Today I’m a little disappointed by the result, realizing what we can improve is the first starting point to improve and return to playing with the greats of Europe“. De Rossi’s press conference ends.


The national team’s Roma players

The nationals? Lorenzo Pellegrini was tired. Some were a little cooked, those who go to the European Championship will find special conditions and motivation, those who don’t go will rest and it won’t hurt them“.


The pain for Di Francesco

What do I say to Difra (in Roman, ed.)? Perhaps Frosinone is the team that least deserved to be relegated. If we had played there today we would have played our game, seeing him like that hurt me particularly because he and his staff and the club didn’t deserve to go down“.


Dybala’s performance

De Rossi on Dybala: “He trained well this week, today he played his game, the day after not being called up he wasn’t happy, he thought he was fine, you overcome these things with work”,


“There’s a bitter taste in my mouth”

The Roma coach again in the conference: “I can’t wait to start working to create something better, we are left with a bad taste in our mouths for these months that have seen us exhausted. For three months we have done incredible things, but we must not forget the things we need to improve. I will be in Trigoria every day to improve this position in the standings. I am proud of the team, they have always played serious games and with the right attitude, we made them ask for something more and they responded well. It has been a more complicated last month, we knew it.” .


De Rossi at the press conference

De Rossi speaks in a press conference at Castellani: “We only score goals with good actions, but in football you also have to win dirty games. It’s a feature we’re missing. We managed the ball in an orderly manner, you get there and I also have the feeling that we don’t score goals. football is a thousand different things that we don’t always do“.


Di Francesco in Serie B

De Rossi was then pressed on the relegation of former Giallorossi player Di Francesco’s Frosinone to Serie B, also due to Empoi’s victory over Roma: “I don’t think he wants to hear my message. I would have tried to play the match like this even if we had played against him or against Cannavaro. This is our job. He is a coach who didn’t deserve to be relegated this year for what they did as a game, even against us. I don’t favor one team or another, but the fact that this last-minute goal punishes a boy and a coach who I respect hurts me even more”


De Rossi and the new sporting director Ghisolfi

De Rossi to Dazn on the new sports director: “Ghisolfi? We talked, we spent an afternoon together, discussing the construction of the squad and some names. We were in harmony in this first conversation, we have time to talk and to see the opportunities but also the availability. This evening it is premature and disrespectful talk about this. Tonight I can’t say I didn’t like the match, but you can’t lose it if you want to become great.”


Next year’s Roma

De Rossi talks about the Roma of the future, also returning to tonight’s match: “We will evaluate many things. We will start evaluating again starting from this match, but we will not decide only on the basis of this match. This match must tell us something. We played with 4 as often and then sometimes we defended with 3. Not much has changed You can’t concede a goal at the end, even with a 4 man defense stuff that hurts me because I didn’t want to end the season like this. I don’t care how much Lazio finished “.


De Rossi’s words

De Rossi speaks to Dazn: “Many things make the difference, but we don’t have to say we’re good because we played a serious game. But there are too many things we need to improve, you can’t have 6-7 counterattacks and not even shoot. At this level you pay for it. This is a match where one of our counterattacks should have ended in a 2-1 win for us. It’s not normal to never shoot on goal with these spaces“.



Roma’s ranking

Roma ends the 2023-24 championship in sixth place, 2 points ahead of Lazio and 5 behind Bologna, fifth in the rankings. The Giallorossi have collected 63 points in 38 days, with 18 wins, 9 draws and 11 defeats. The goals scored are 65, those conceded 46.



De Rossi’s words soon

De Rossi will shortly speak on connected TV channels and at a press conference.

Carlo Castellani Stadium, Empoli
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