“Allegri-Juve, the unwanted guest and the internal pressures”: the Club’s analysis

“Allegri-Juve, the unwanted guest and the internal pressures”: the Club’s analysis
“Allegri-Juve, the unwanted guest and the internal pressures”: the Club’s analysis

There rift between Allegri and Juventus it is still a much discussed topic and the coach’s reaction after the Italian Cup victory against Atalanta was the subject of discussion at the Sky Calcio Club table. Costacurta, Marchegiani and Bergomi they tried to analyze in depth the reasons that led the now former Juventus coach to lose control at the end of the match and in the post-match.

Juve and Allegri’s dismissal: the Club’s opinion

“I was very surprised because I always saw him as quite under control. I have to say that we’ve been busting his balls like crazy for two or three years. Everything he has received in recent months has led to this unexpected explosion. I take one of these blames, even if I wasn’t the worst” – explained Costacurta. Marchegiani also spoke on the topic: “I also add the tension and adrenaline of victory. When you get a goal, the pressure of a match turns into joy and you do over-the-top things. He exaggerated. He wanted to make his statements public. January transfer market? It cannot be the only thing that has caused this deterioration of the relationship. Since last year he has felt invested in new tasks and roles, I take his side a bit. He was the only reference and he was not acknowledged. The results this season are what they asked for. Being the unwanted guest made him take this attitudethen obviously the ways are wrong”.

Finally Bergomi: Move studied before? I don’t know (the former captain of Italy asks himself ed.). For me, coaches experience external pressure, but also internal pressure. For me it was all too exaggerated. In managing his emotions I saw him becoming more and more calm. Allegri went from being criticized by everyone to the opposite side, with this reaction. For some Juventus fans he showed attachment“.


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