there are Willis, Tucker, Beli, Shengelia and Bilan

The “Dream Team of the Year – Human” is made up of the five names who stood out during the season for their skills and talent on the parquet, becoming protagonists within their respective teams. The backcourt is made up of the point guard Payton Willis (Estra Pistoia) and from the outside Rayjon Tucker (Umana Reyer Venice) e Marco Belinelli (Virtus Segafredo Bologna); the frontcourt is instead made up of big men Tornik’e Shengelia (Virtus Segafredo Bologna) e Miro Bilan (Germani Brescia). This award was selected by Lega Basket.

Payton Willis – Estra Pistoia – Among the protagonists of the surprising ride of the Tuscans, the debutant native of Fayetteville makes his entry into the best quintet of the year. Personality to spare and an ability to resolve matches like few others are able to do: in fact, his triple in the victory against Bertram Derthona Tortona was one of the plays in contention for the “Play of the Year – Doctor Glass” award ”. The class of 1998 placed himself completely at the disposal of coach Nicola Brienza, he listened to his advice and it was enough for him to bring out his talent to drag the Pistoia team towards a record-breaking year. The 15-15 with which their regular season ended was enough to gain a pass towards the post-season; many of the successes achieved during the season were the mark of the American combo guard, third place as best scorer in the race for the Antonello Riva Trophy behind his teammate Moore and Galloway. His figures on the scoreboard read 16.0 points (52.2% from two, 39.6% from three and 77% from the foul line), 4.0 rebounds, 2.5 fouls suffered, 2.1 assists and 15.5 rating in 32.8 minutes on average.

Rayjon Tucker – Umana Reyer Venice – Highlight plays are his forte and so the Charlotte native was able to enchant Taliercio, rightfully earning a place in the best five of the championship. The explosiveness of the class of 1997 is unparalleled, near the rim he is an unstoppable fury and Michael Cobbins of Germani Brescia knows this very well, having ended up on the wrong side of the poster in what is one of the most iconic plays of the year. In his first year with the Orogranata, the American winger was able to distinguish himself to the point of finishing as runner-up in the race for MVP of the season; his scoring instinct combined with his ability to suffer penetrating fouls have made him one of the most interesting profiles in the UnipolSai Serie A and this is demonstrated by the twenty-seven games he finished in double figures and the MVP of the month award won in December. At the end of the regular season he recorded 14.7 points (56.3% from two, 36.9% from three and 78.1% from the foul line), 5.7 fouls suffered (second best figure in the League), 4.2 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 1.1 steals, +6.0 plus /minus and 18.0 rating (fifth in the championship ranking) in 27.5 minutes on average.

Marco Belinelli – Virtus Segafredo Bologna – The player awarded with the Dino Meneghin Trophy – UnipolSai of the season certainly cannot be missing from the best seasonal quintet. Like the evergreens, the boy born in 1986 never withers and despite his identity card trying to get the upper hand, his talent totally eclipses the issue of age. High school numbers and games resolved with triples in precarious balance; the native of San Giovanni in Persiceto dragged the Bologna team towards first place in the standings at the end of the regular season (22-8 record), his thirst for victories prevented him from stopping at the best moment and game after game he rose also the bar of his game. Nineteen games as a starter out of the twenty-eight he played, an impressive points per minute ratio and a streak of sixteen consecutive games finished in double figures; the numbers reported tell us 13.9 points (52.6% from two, 41.2% from three and 90.9% from free throws), 2.1 assists, 1.4 rebounds, +6.8 plus/minus and 11.3 rating in 20.6 minutes on average.

Tornik’e Shengelia – Virtus Segafredo Bologna – The movements of the Georgian long player should be taught not only at minibasketball, but also at school during physical education lessons; harmonious movements that are a joy to behold, closely linked by a supreme talent that allowed him to be included in the “Dream Team” of the regular season and to win the MVP of the month of October of this Serie A UnipolSai. A champion’s championship and a bar set ever higher, since he arrived in Italy the class of 1991 has shown eye-rubbing basketball; he was above all responsible for Virtus Segafredo Bologna’s 22-8 record at the end of the regular season and in fact this led him to compete for the MVP award of the regular season until the very end. Three “double-doubles” with the points-rebounds combo, a streak of thirteen consecutive games closed in double figures and career highs in points (27 against Germani Brescia) and rating (35 against NutriBullet Treviso Basket). The numbers reported by the native of Tbilisi are the following: 13.8 points (56.5% from two, 41% from three and 81.5% from free throws), 5.1 rebounds, 3.3 assists, +9.5 plus/minus (second best figure of the Series A UnipolSai) and 17.8 rating (sixth best entry in the championship) in 23.4 minutes on average.

Miro Bilan – Germani Brescia – From the old school pivot to the point center, the Sebenico native was able to perfectly combine his lethal mix of talent and bring it to the court of coach Alessandro Magro; this combination allowed him to be included in the best quintet of the UnipolSai Serie A. Germani Brescia’s regular season ended in third place with a record of 21-9 after occupying the top of the table for large stretches; among the absolute protagonists of this achievement is certainly the class of 1989 who was able to immediately enter into the mechanisms of the Lombard team, proving to be the missing piece to complete the puzzle. The Croatian center recorded nine ‘double-doubles’ (eight of which with the points-rebounds combo) and set his career highs in assists (11) and rating (42) against Openjobmetis Varese; for the season he recorded 13.1 points (60.4% from two – second behind Derek Ogbeide – and 69.2% from the foul line), 8.1 rebounds (second behind Derek Ogbeide), 4.0 fouls suffered, 2.8 assists, +5.5 plus/minus and 19.3 rating (second only to Niccolò Mannion) in 24.5 minutes on average.

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