“I have improved in my head. My father was precious”

“I have improved in my head. My father was precious”
“I have improved in my head. My father was precious”

Not only Goggia and Brignone, but behind the two great champions, Italy is discovering new girls this season, ready to play a leading role in the World Cup. Teresa Runggaldier is certainly experiencing the best moment of her career, with a sudden explosion at 24 years old. The daughter of the great Peter Runggaldier scored her first points this season in the World Cup, also achieving a twentieth place in the downhill in Cortina. There were also excellent results in the European Cup, where the first victory also arrived, and now with the three days of Crans Montana the Val Gardena will try to improve further.

At almost 25 years old you are achieving your best results in your career, starting to collect points continuously: what has changed compared to past seasons and how have you turned around?
“I actually haven’t changed that much. Maybe I’ve improved a little in my head and maybe I’ve also worked better athletically, but I can’t exactly say what has changed.”.

What are you missing to be able to raise the bar further?
“Absolutely improving the technique and being able to improve even more in the head. I will definitely have to gain a lot of experience to improve.”.

Was being a daughter of art more of a good thing or a bad thing for you?
I would say more of a good thing. Although the phrase “daughter of Peter Runggaldier” I have now heard almost too often. Jokes aside, my dad always left me quite calm, I never felt under pressure. When I wanted to train he was there. When I went skiing outside maybe he would come and correct me. So I would say it’s a positive thing.”.

Your weakness and your strength.
“My strong point is definitely not being afraid and the ability to always attack. My weak point is maybe a little bit my head, because sometimes I’m in the air, but, thinking about it, maybe it’s not entirely a weak point. I definitely need to improve on being more fluent.”

In your opinion, in recent years has we worked well with the young players or was the greatest attention paid to the champions Goggia, Brignone, Bassino, Curtoni?
“Not being in the team, I don’t know what it was like or what it is like”.

In current alpine skiing it is increasingly difficult to emerge at a young age, with rare exceptions, and the best results are achieved around the age of 30. How do you explain it and what has changed?
“The reason could be the increase in the number of athletes and a general improvement in the level.”

What is your favorite track?
“I don’t have a favorite slope, but I like ones that are steep and icy.”

Your secret dream?
“Winning a World Cup”.

Is there a goal you have set for yourself between now and the end of the season?
“My technical objective is to improve my gearbox, while in terms of results I aim for a top 15 in the World Cup”.

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