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Leao, Dortmund moves away: Milan doesn’t want to take risks

The last championship match of Milanplayed at the start of the Mare in Lecce about ten days ago, produced, in addition to a sad comeback draw, also what the Rossoneri team feared more than anything else: theLeao’s injury. A muscle injury that will certainly keep the Portuguese out of the match against Fiorentina on Saturday, upon his return from the break, and which will most likely deprive Pioli of his best player even with the Borussia Dormund.

No Dortmund, no risks

This morning’s edition of Tuttosport is certain about this: Rafa Leao will not be there for Dortmund. The match will be crucial and will decide the fate of the Rossoneri in Europe this season, facing it without the number 10 would be a big problem. The Portuguese in Lecce reported one first degree injury to the biceps femoris of the right thigh and the player, with the staff, immediately got to work to get back into shape for the Champions League. Despite the commitment and all the good will, recovery times are longer than expected. Leao will certainly not be on the pitch on Saturday evening at San Siro against Fiorentina but not even three days later against Dortmund. He could come back with the Frosinoneeven if the most plausible hypothesis is to see him again in the group training for the week before the match againstAtalantascheduled for the 9th. Basically, you don’t want to take risks: Leao is the best player in the squad and losing him for even longer would be destructive.


With Leao removed, both with Fiorentina and Dortmund, it is therefore good that the second rows take over. One is Christian Pulisic which however, in this Milan, is absolutely not a backup. The American has shown that he can be decisive both on the right and on the left: he has scored 4 goals, the same ones reported by Leao this season. Whoever will really have to step up to the plate will be both Noah Okaforwho could be Rafa’s natural replacement, either Chukwueze if it is decided to move Pulisic to the left. Both have still left little mark on the matches, especially the Nigerian who – when he wasn’t injured – didn’t offer excellent performances. On Saturday, against Fiorentina, he will also have to be replaced Olivier Giroud disqualified for this too Jovic will be waited at the gate. If the bad news on a physical level continues, there are also some good news to report: in addition to Pulisic, they will return Calabria And Loftus Cheek.

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