thus Adamo Guerra was found in Patras – -

thus Adamo Guerra was found in Patras – -
thus Adamo Guerra was found in Patras – -

Three letters left at home. One to his parents, a second to a colleague and the third to his ex-wife, Raffaella Borghi. More or less in the same words: «I would never have wanted to hurt you but unfortunately the time has come to end it». The man who wrote them, Adamo Guerra, from Romagna, a representative of household items, continued by saying that he had contracted a debt with dangerous people “but things went wrong”. Thus, “to avoid causing problems for the family”, she disappeared, leaving it to be understood that she had chosen suicide. It happened exactly ten years ago, at the beginning of July 2013. Since then, darkness.

But now it turns out that none of this is true.The traveling salesman is still alive, he is in Greece, in Patras, in the Peloponnese, where he has a job that brings him into contact with the public, a kind of service agency. Since Guerra’s death, now 55 years old, he never let anyone know again, canceling not only his relationship with his ex-wife, employed in Lugo, but above all with his two daughters. They were 16 and 12 when she left them after spending three days with them, accompanying them to a figure skating competition. Upon his return he entrusted them to Raffaella, with whom he had already separated, then driving away in his black SUV.

It was the cameras that tracked him down a few days agoWho has seen?after the Bologna Prosecutor’s Office closed the investigation into the disappearance in 2014, speaking of a “likely suicide” and excluding other “criminal hypotheses”. The car was found near the port of Ancona, the Ris analyzes excluded the presence of traces of blood inside. Inevitable conclusion: the man had taken his own life by perhaps throwing himself into the sea from a ferry to Greece and in the following months the carabinieri alerted Raffaella several times for possible recognition when bodies, shoes and clothing emerged from those parts of the Adriatic coast.

Mthe other week, pressed by the correspondent Francesco Paolo Del Re who suddenly appeared before him, Guerra, who was sitting in front of a sort of front office overlooking the street, first admitted: “Yes, it’s me, Adamo.” Then, when he realized he was dealing with a journalist, he ended the conversation like this: “Turn everything off and go away! … Go away, the matter ends here!».

His ex-wife Raffaella learned that the man was alive by chance. Last year, when she had now resigned herself to the idea of ​​death, she asked for a divorce. But at this point came the twist. In carrying out her paperwork, her lawyer discovered in February 2022 that Guerra had requested and obtained registration on the Aire lists, the Association of Italians residing abroad. “He’s in Patras,” the lawyer tells her.

At first Raffaella doesn’t believe it. “I thought of someone who had taken possession of his identity,” he told the presenter of Who has seen it on Wednesday? Federica Sciarelli, who had dedicated in-depth analysis to the matter several times. Although the marriage failed after about fifteen yearsfor the woman – who relied on the Penelope association for her research – her ex-husband always remained “a caring and attentive father: during the separation we had established that the most important thing was the serenity of our daughters” .

But no. At a certain point this man decides to walk away, for no clear reason. “We are faced with a story that is praised slowly and for Raffaella the awakening was that of a bad dream” reflects now Del Re, the correspondent of the Raitre programme. If it were a film, this story would have a plot shot by Monicelli or Risi: yes, he is alive, but the ending remains bitter. «He is not a man, he is not a father – concludes Raffaella -. Our oldest daughter had a baby not long ago. He is a grandfather but he doesn’t even know it.”

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