Woman beaten by the police in Milan, the version of the agents: “She kicked and beat”. The forgotten kicks and spray

Woman beaten by the police in Milan, the version of the agents: “She kicked and beat”. The forgotten kicks and spray
Woman beaten by the police in Milan, the version of the agents: “She kicked and beat”. The forgotten kicks and spray

The Milan prosecutor’s office will today register in the register of suspects the four Milan police officers who beat AM, a 41-year-old transgender woman, with batons. The video of the beating in front of the Parco Trotter school complex allowed the opening of a file for injuries aggravated by the abuse of the public function. The prosecutor who investigates is Tiziana Siciliano. Even the local police have opened an investigation into what began at the “Trotterino” in via Giacosa and ended up in via Pietro Custodi in front of the Bocconi university. Meanwhile, she has been reported for resisting a public official. The 41-year-old Brazilian citizen has specific precedents dating back to 2010. And in the report of Command 2 to the prosecutor’s office, the agents defend themselves.

The reconstruction

The first reconstruction of the facts based on the videos says that the “cast iron” intervened in Via Giacosa to report a person who was yelling at passers-by and saying he had AIDS. The officers arrived in an ambulance. They let the transgender woman into the car to take her to the Radio Mobile Department in via Custodi for identification. On the way, the woman said she didn’t feel very well. When the car stopped, she fled to via Castelbarco. It was stopped in via Sarfatti 25, under the Bocconi library. This is where the scene you see in the video was filmed. The officers used batons and pepper spray. When the 41-year-old was taken to the local police offices she refused transport to the hospital and now she is free, reported for resisting a public official.

Ilaria Cucchi: “It’s torture”

The honorable Ilaria Cucchi today in a comment on The print he says that what happened in Milan has a name: «It’s called torture. «It matters nothing what may have happened before but only that terrible sequence of blows that are inflicted cold. Without, that is, a real struggle, to the helpless and defenseless victim who suffers them all without even realizing why. I feel pain for the positions taken by colleagues from the majority. I want to appeal to them with all my heart. Please abandon any temptation to give in to ignorant propaganda, the one that speaks to people’s bellies. Review your positions, I beg you. You reassert the rule of law because you are in government. You are the government of Italy! Do not legitimize the oppression of power over the rights of the weakest, the different, the least. Do we perhaps want to build a large Tarpeian cliff with the Pnrr from which to throw all the so-called “different” into the abyss?

“He kicked hard”

Meanwhile, the cast irons respond to the accusations. The Milanese edition of Republic he says that the superintendent VC, the assistant FA and the two agents AG and SC acted in the scuffle. In the report sent by Command 2 to the prosecutor’s office it is written that the trans AM “started biting her hand until it bled and started spitting blood threatening to have AIDS. And to infect everyone present.” Once transferred to the police car, the 41-year-old “through some metal clips that she had in her hair – continues her annotation – she was still trying to harm herself”. Shortly after she “began to bang the side windows of the car and the central safety bulkhead violently, injuring her head which was bleeding”. The documents show kicks on the counters and threats to the agents. And a sentence to VC and FA: «You two don’t make it tonight alive, I’m crazy».

Command report 2

It does not end here. Between via Castelbarco and via Sarfatti AM He collapses. Because, according to the agents, he is simulating an illness. Then the escape attempt. Made with “hard leg kicks” by FA. Hence the push to his colleague AG Who “by causing the agent to fall to the ground, caused himself injuries”. Once on the ground, the 41-year-old was immobilized by the VC superintendent. But FA bursts into the scene who «seeing his colleagues in difficulty used the distance stick at the fugitive’s address». Or the beatings you see in the video.

The spacer stick

There is no mention of kicking or pepper spray in the report. In the meantime, the four have been assigned to office work and taken off the street. Today they will be heard by the prosecutors. Meanwhile, the unions defend them. Says Daniele Vincini of Sulpl: «They should be praised, they did their duty and prevented that person from harming the children. They have already been condemned and it is a shame, but we will not allow it and we will stand by them. If necessary with our lawyers. The same arguments from Orfeo Mastantuono of the CSA: «The technical work of the colleague may not have been entirely appropriate. But the final phase and the video therefore do not report the reality of the facts. The declarations of the mayor and the commissioner are unacceptable and inappropriate”

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