match stopped, it’s raining! – OA Sports

match stopped, it’s raining! – OA Sports
match stopped, it’s raining! – OA Sports


22.00 We’ll see if it will be a passing storm. It will certainly take patience.

21.58 The players return to the changing rooms, because the rain is now really heavy.

MATCH INTERRUPTED! The rain has arrived!

15-15 Sinner is wrong, but now it’s starting to rain heavily.

15-0 Sinner’s service and right to fan.

2-0 BREAKS! He forehands the Finn and puts him out. Now there are even some rays of sunshine!

30-40 Sinner defends himself well on Ruusuvuori’s acceleration along the line, which then sinks his backhand into the net.

30-30 Sinner commands with the diagonal backhand, Ruusuvuori is wrong.

30-15 Finnish winning service.

15-15 Ruusuvuori’s right online, put under pressure by Sinner.

15-0 Sinner’s right which would have been decisive is a whisker away.

1-0 Ruusuvuori’s answer online.

40-0 Sinner’s winning service. It started to rain…

30-0 Sinner’s service and long line right. Meanwhile, the rain now seems imminent.

15-0 Along the right of the Finn.

The second set begins with Sinner batting.

21.49 In short, a Sinner far from in his best version, yet the first set dominated him.

21.48 3 ace to 2 for Sinner in the first set. The blue committed 2 double faults and served only 50% of firsts, with which, however, he obtained 92% of the points (11 out of 12). The Italian saved a break point, while he capitalized on both the two he had available.

6-3! Winning backhand response from Sinner, who closed the accounts at the first set-point. He denied us, he was really cynical: good like this!

30-40 Sinner limits himself to dribbling from the bottom line and Ruusuvuori is wrong by right.

30-30 Sinner commands from the source and breaks the resistance of Ruusuvuori.

30-15 Bad mistake of law by the Finn.

30-0 Ruusuvuori’s cross counterattack right.

15-0 On the net, the backhand response of a Sinner who, unlike Alcaraz, proves to be little “cannibal” towards his opponents. It’s also a question of character.

5-3 Sinner closes the game with a peremptory right on the counterattack. He’s starting to push. So far he has played to 30% of his potential.

40-30 Ruusuvuori’s winning response with a crossed backhand on the line.

40-15 Sinner still commands the exchange thanks to a good service.

30-15 Sinner’s devastating right when leaving the service.

15-15 Ace in the center.

0-15 Another double foul for Sinner, it is the second of the match.

Sinner has so far served 50% of primes, against 68% of the opponent. However, the blue obtained 89% of the points when he fielded the first (56% with the second).

4-3 Ruusuvuori hits from the bottom and closes by right.

40-0 Sinner’s backhand response is long, which seems to catch his breath in this game.

30-0 Service and backhand along the line by Ruusuvuori, who is playing risking on every shot. It could not be otherwise.

15-0 The goal is Sinner’s defensive backhand.

4-2 Sinner’s service and right to cross, which extends in the first set. The sky is increasingly cloudy, the rain seems imminent.

40-30 Long exchange, Ruusuvuori’s right error. Sinner rejoices and makes himself heard.

30-30 Sinner’s external Ace.

15-30 Sinner’s backhand is on the net.

15-15 Second too soft, Ruusuvuori commands the exchange and Sinner makes a backhand mistake. The blue is serving only 54% of primes.

15-0 Sinner’s service and long line right.

BREAK! Ruusuvuori’s right on the net, Sinner ahead 3-2.

15-40 Sinner’s backhand passer, the Finnish forehand volley on the net.

15-30 Long exchange closed by a perfect backhand along the line from Ruusuvuori. What courage.

0-30 Another long exchange won by Sinner, the Finnish goes out of bounds with the forehand.

0-15 Deep response from Sinner, Ruusuvuori finds the ball at his feet and is wrong by right.

2-2 Along the Finnish backhand.

A-40 Sinner commands the exchange and forces Ruusuvuori to make a mistake.

40-40 Ace in the middle.

30-40 Slow in moving Sinner, who is still wrong with his backhand. Break point.

30-30 Winning serve by the Italian.

15-30 First double foul for Sinner. He looks tense, he has to loosen up.

15-15 In the corridor, the right of a Sinner who continues to make so many mistakes.

15-0 Winning service of the blue.

Sinner returns to the joke.

1-2 Another backhand error by Sinner, definitely much more foul than yesterday.

40-30 Sinner puts his backhand into the net and loses the point on his favorite diagonal.

30-30 Ruusuvuori’s winning service and right.

15-30 Sinner’s response error on the Finnish second serve.

0-30 Great response from Sinner, which forces the opponent to make a mistake.

0-15 Sinner’s deadly right along the line, which leaves Ruusuvuori stationary.

1-1 The backhand response is online. Sinner also keeps the first innings at 0.

40-0 First long exchange, the first to make a mistake with the right is the Finn.

30-0 Ruusuvuori’s backhand on the net.

15-0 The Finnish response is long.

0-1 Along Sinner’s forehand, Ruusuvuori keeps the first game at 0.

40-0 Another Finnish ace.

30-0 The Sinner backhand field opens well, then a comfortable forehand misses.

15-0 Ace of Ruusuvuori.

21.10 THE GAME BEGINS. Ruusuvuori batting.

21.08 The players are warming up.

21.06 There is a little wind, the sky is increasingly leaden.

21.05 Sinner wins the draw and, like yesterday with Rublev, decides to respond in the first game.

21.04 And here is Jannik Sinner with green shorts and the usual grenade shirt.

21.03 Ruusuvuori is the first to take the field.

21.03 It’s very hot, 21 degrees.

21.00 Today a real final exam is expected for Sinner. We know that he gives his best in luxury challenges and against high-ranking players (like with Rublev in the round of 16), however he tends to get distracted against more modest and affordable opponents. Today we will understand if he has improved from this point of view as well.

20.57 The sky is decidedly overcast and cloudy: who knows if the rain might peep out.

20.56 Whoever wins this match will face either the Spanish Carlos Alcaraz or the American Taylor Fritz in the semifinals.

20.53 Jannik Sinner is instead 5th in the ATP Race ranking, or the one that only takes into account the points collected in 2023 and which will qualify the best 8 for the Finals in Turin in November. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIRTUAL RANKING.

20.48 Jannik Sinner on the other hand is virtually No. 10 in the world. Depending on the case, he could finish the week 11th, 10th, 9th or even 6th. CLICK HERE FOR ALL COMBINATIONS.

20.47 Emil Ruusuvuori is No. 54 in the world. However, thanks to the quarter-finals reached in this tournament, he has already climbed into the top 40 and is virtually n.37 in the ranking.

20.46 It is therefore curious to note how Sinner and Ruusuvuori face each other in the Masters1000 in Miami for the third year in a row!

20.45 There are four precedents between Sinner and Ruusuvuori, all won by the Italian. 6-3, 6-2 at Miami 2021, 6-2, 6-4 at Washington 2021, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (8) at Miami 2022, 7-5, 6-3 at Monaco 2022 .

20.40 Welcome back friends of OA Sport from Federico Militello. We will follow this quarterfinal of the Masters1000 in Miami together.

20.34 Jannik Sinner will take the field at 21.00 to face the Finn Emil Ruusuvuori in the quarterfinal at the Masters 1000 in Miami.

20.33 Cirstea beat Sabalenka in two sets! The Romanian defeated Belarus 6-4, 6-4!

19.46 The Romanian Cirstea won the first set against the Belarusian Sabalenka: 6-4 in favor of the number 74 in the world, which is seriously putting the number 2 in the WTA ranking in difficulty. At the end of this meeting it will be Jannik Sinner’s turn.

The match scheduleJannik Sinner’s placement in the ATP Race

Good evening and welcome to Live text live coverage of the quarter-final match of the main draw of the Miami 2023 ATP Masters 1000 tournament between the blue Jannik Sinner, seeded number 10and the Finnish Emil Ruusuvuori. The match will be the second from 19.00 Italian time, and will be played anyway not before 21.00 on the Stadium.

On the major circuit so far have been four the matches between the two, all won by sinner: curiously two of the previous four were played at You love me. In the 2021 the blue won in the round of 16 for 6-3 6-2, while last year in the second round the Italian tennis player won for 6-4 3-6 7-6 (8) after having disallowed three match points in the decisive tie break. The other two crossings date back to Washington 2021 and Monte Carlo 2022both went straight sets to Sinner.

L’order of play of this evening:

Wednesday 29 March – Stadium
From 19.00 Italian time – Afternoon session
Sorana Cirstea-Aryna Sabalenka
Not before 21.00 Italian time
Jannik Sinner-Emil Ruusuvuori
Not before 1.00 am Italian time – Evening session
Ekaterina Alexandrova-Petra Kvitova
Not before 2.30 Italian time
Carlos Alcaraz-Taylor Fritz

OA Sport offers you the Live text live coverage of the quarter-final match of the main draw of the Miami 2023 ATP Masters 1000 tournament between the blue Jannik Sinner, seeded number 10and the Finnish Emil Ruusuvuori. The match will be the second from 19.00 Italian time, and will be played anyway not before 21.00 on the Stadium. Our live stream will start at 20.30.

Photo: LaPresse

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