Chemical company on fire: the causes are now being investigated

Chemical company on fire: the causes are now being investigated
Chemical company on fire: the causes are now being investigated

In the meantime, the regional councilor Marnati declared: “They tell me that the dynamics are not clear”

It is the Carabinieri of the investigative unit of the provincial command of Novara together with their Forestry colleagues who are investigating the causes of the fire that broke out this morning, Wednesday 29 March, in a company in San Pietro Mosezzo. The prosecutor went to the scene Paul Verri for an inspection.

No hypotheses have yet been formulated on the causes of the fire, on which an investigation will most likely be opened, also on the basis of the results of the technical checks by the firefighters. According to what was learned, the company was in compliance with fire certifications and safety regulations. This morning the Spresal technicians also arrived on the spot, “who – communicates the ASL – have not detected any accidents or injuries, or situations of risk to the detriment of the workers”.

The words of councilor Marnati

The investigations will serve to understand what may have been the causes of the massive fire which aroused great concern throughout the Novara area and which fortunately was put down a few hours later thanks to excellent teamwork.

In this regard, the regional councilor Matthew Marnatein complimenting all those who have allowed the rescue machine to work so well, he also raised a doubt about the dynamics behind the fire: “They tell me – he let it be known – that the dynamics are not clear. The Prosecutor is investigating to understand the causes. A neighbor saw a vehicle leave the warehouse and then the fire broke out”.

Everything under control

As for the possible risks to the environment and people’s health, commissioner Marnati wanted to let it be known that even the measurements carried out in the municipalities of Caltignaga and Briona – with portable analyzers dedicated to emergency sampling – did not reveal any critical issues.

“The investigations on the extinguishing water – he added – confirmed the absence of contamination of the Roggia Graziosa. A spill of solvents in the sewer was promptly blocked by Acqua Novara VCO. The timeliness of the intervention of the Fire Brigade and the availability of fire-fighting foams made available by a manufacturer near the fire were decisive for extinguishing it faster than expected. The intervention of the rescuers and the bodies responsible for containing the emergency was flawless”.

The factory was not included in the major accident risk area

The Kemi of San Pietro Mosezzo, this is the name of the chemical factory that burned down this morning, was not included in the area at risk of a major accident. The manager of the environmental service of the Province of Novara explains it to AGI, David Rebuffetti.

“The legislation – he says – is that of Legislative Decree 105 of 2015 which implements in Italy the provisions of the 2012 EU directive on the control of the danger of major accidents connected with dangerous substances”. As regards the factory involved in the fire, “evidently – the manager continues – the quantity of dangerous substances stored and the nature of the substances themselves does not exceed the threshold above which an industrial plant falls within the scope of the legislation” .

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