Magnitude 4.6 earthquake in Molise, epicenter in Montagano (Campobasso): felt in Campania, Puglia, Abruzzo and Lazio

Magnitude 4.6 earthquake in Molise, epicenter in Montagano (Campobasso): felt in Campania, Puglia, Abruzzo and Lazio
Magnitude 4.6 earthquake in Molise, epicenter in Montagano (Campobasso): felt in Campania, Puglia, Abruzzo and Lazio

A strong jolt of earthquake has been felt in several localities in Molise and in Abruzzo at 11:53pm of the March 28, 2023. There magnitude was of 4.6 with its epicenter two kilometers away Montagano in the province of Campobasso. According to the data of theNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv) the earthquake had a hypocenter at 23km of depth. In addition to Molise, the shock was clearly felt also in Campania, Puglia, Abruzzo and Lazio. People are got out on the street in Campobasso, where there is an increase in local traffic and some people with suitcases in hand. In the municipalities someone has reported cracks on the walls of the houses.

The seismic sequences of the past few days

The quake was clearly felt throughout the neighboring province of Benevento. Numerous reports from various municipalities of the Samnium. Fear among the people, but at the moment no news of damage. The shock was also felt in the rest of the Campania: also in Naples, more distinctly on the upper floors of buildings. From some days in the region, minor but close earthquakes were felt by the population. The strongest, of magnitude 3.1was also recorded yesterday, by the Ingv seismographs, at 2:20 with epicenter at Sant’Elia a Pianisi (Campobasso).

A seismic sequence had occurred on March 24th with eight shocks between Sant’Elia And Ripabottoni. Another, of magnitude 3.0at1:35 Of Monday 27 March with epicenter at Vastogirardi (Isernia), in Alto Molise, felt in many municipalities of the Isernino area. It had been preceded by two tremors, of magnitude 2.4 And 2.7with its epicenter always in Vastogirardi on Sunday morning, the first at 6:09 and the second after a minute, at 6:10.

People on the street and schools closed

The event, we read on the website of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, «happened in an area characterized by a frequent seismicity with several seismic sequences that occurred in 2002, 2013, 2016 and in 2018. There seismic hazard of this area is considered high». The people of Molise, in Campobasso as in Montagano, reacted with moments of panic. The quake, which appears to have produced no damage apart from some fallen rubble, was clearly felt in the surrounding areas, in the province of Isernia and inUpper Caserta it’s at Naples.

But also in the Benevento and throughout Abruzzo, as well as in the Lower Lazio and in the nearby Puglia. The mayor of Montagano Joseph Tullo he said that from a first round of reconnaissance the situation fortunately seems good: «No particular damage has been reported. The checks will have to be done in a more thorough way, of course. Many took to the streets: there was a lot of fear, but we immediately opened our multi-purpose structure for those wishing to sleep away from home. The schools in the area, Petrella, Matrixand our kindergarten will be closed».

In Campobasso

Schools also closed in the capital, as decided by the mayor Roberto Gravina. «In Campobasso – said the mayor, engaged in various inspections during the night – the firefighters at the moment do not report damage to people or things. The situation at the hospital is similar Cardarelli, where no damage of any kind is reported. The director of the Civil Protection Department of Molise, Manuel Brasiellowhich has been monitoring the situation since Operations room Of Campochiaro (Campobasso), declared that «as a precaution, the need to close schools is being evaluated, municipality by municipality. We are in close contact with Louis D’Angelonational operational director of the Civil Protection Department: the situation is monitored and let’s see how it evolves ».


In the last five or six years the earth has shaken several times, throwing the inhabitants of the region into great concern. In recent times, starting with the earthquake of magnitude 4.2 of the April 25, 2017 to Acquaviva del Sannioand continue with that of 4.7 of the August 15th 2018 in Zone Montecilfoneweighed down by 5.1 of the area of Guglionesi And Living Water just two days later, various Molise municipalities recorded tremors that exceeded the magnitude 3. It’s about Baranello, Sant’Elia a Pianisi, Pietracatella, Guardialfiera, Rotello, Ripabottoni, Bonefro, in addition to the tremors in the Adriatic. Basically, the whole Molise area is at seismic risk.

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