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Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a “working visit” to the Ukrainian city of Mariupol in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. This was announced by the Kremlin’s press service, quoted by the Russian agency Tass. The visit took place on Saturday evening and in the night between Saturday and Sunday: the Kremlin announced today, as reported by the Tass news agency.

Putin “inspected a number of places in the city and spoke with local residents”, Moscow explains, adding that the Russian president “went to Mariupol by helicopter; he drove a vehicle along the streets of the city, stopping at various locations”. Just a few days ago, the Russian military administration had inaugurated a helicopter platform on the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, a stronghold of the Ukrainian defense for months until the surrender last May. According to the Kremlin again, Putin also held a meeting in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don with military leaders at the command post of the “special military operation” underway in Ukraine.

Putin has promised that Moscow will build more residential districts in Mariupol, in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. During his visit to the eastern Ukrainian city, Putin spoke with a local resident, who described the place as “a little corner of paradise”, Tass news agency reported. And the Russian president said: “We will expand it.”

THE residents of Mariupol who left the city during the fighting are returning of their own accord and the city’s census population is growing, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said when speaking with President Vladimir Putin during their visit to the occupied Ukrainian martyr city annexed last spring by the Federation Russian. Tass writes it. “People started coming back spontaneously when they saw that the reconstruction is underway, and the census population is growing,” Khusnullin said speaking to Putin in a video reported by the Russian news agency Tass. The Russian deputy premier added that in Mariupol “jobs are being created” and that “every company in the city is classified on the basis of: how much and who invests, which source, who is in charge and how many jobs are created”. he says, quoted by Tass.

The airport of Mariupol is already used for military purposes and its reconstruction is scheduled for 2025, when it will be open to commercial flights: the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Marat Khusnullin, reported this to President Vladimir Putin, on a visit to the city annexed to Russia. Khusnullin also said the city’s port is in good condition and is being used as a transshipment base, Tass news agency reported. The airport building “will be reconstructed at the end of 2023. It is planned to be a full-fledged airport, with the possibility of flying to all Russian cities and abroad, (this) is planned for 2025. Now l “The nearest airport is in Rostov and Taganrog, 150 km away. So far it is used for military purposes,” the deputy premier explained in a video of Putin’s visit to the city.

Countermove by the Kremlin Russian investigators “accurately record all crimes in Kiev, the files will provide the basis for a court in the future”. The Kremlin affirms it, as announced by Tass.

ANSA agency

The foreign ministry: ‘Weapons in Moscow? Normal economic cooperation. The collaboration between the two countries is loyal and sincere” (ANSA)

ANSA agency

“The decisions of the International Criminal Court have no meaning for our country, not even from a legal point of view”. (HANDLE)

President Putin in Crimea for the anniversary of accession


ANSA agency

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, arrived in Crimea to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the peninsula’s annexation to Russia and surprisingly visited a childcare center in Sevastopol. (HANDLE)

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