The other story of Giuseppina “Giuliano”, the janitor who claims to commute from Naples to Milan

The tale of Josephine Giugliano, the school operator “commuting from Naples to Milan” for work, has been extensively covered and discussed in recent days. He was the first to talk about it The daywith an article and a video where Giuseppina herself is filmed during her evening journey from Boccioni Artistic High School of Milan to Central Station, to then board the Italo train to Naples. The lawyer Giampiero Falasca had explained to open the legal issues regarding the lady’s working situation, but the point on which everyone raises doubts concerns the costs that the woman says she faces, in particular when she claims to spend about 400 euros per month of travel. She claims to book “tickets well in advance” and “discounted thanks to offers”, but the whole story lacks a fundamental proof that no one, not even Giuseppina, has shown: the tickets purchased as definitive proof that she has practiced a system to save so much.

This morning January 19 we went to the Boccioni Artistic High School trying to meet her. We waited for her for a long time, even beyond the shift start time she told The daywithout getting results. We asked the colleagues on duty, as well as some teachers present in front of the reception of the Institute, but most of them did not want – or could not – make any statement due to “privacy issues”. There were all good intentions, also given the teacher’s tone Frances Alparone which, always at The day, took Giuseppina’s defense, informing her colleague at the reception that our intention was to ask her to show us the screens of the applications used to purchase tickets, so as to be able to stop the wave of criticisms of the whole affair which put her in a bad light. No answer, no availability. There was no way to talk to the head teacher Gabriella Maria Sonia Conte, but from the reception they inform us that he was not present at the office, as he also works for another institution. We also contacted that one by phone, i.e. the Severi-Currenti of Milan, but the answer was the same: it is not present at the headquarters.

Open/David Puente | The reception of the Boccioni high school, the same area where Giuseppina had her photograph taken

The wrong surname and social networks

Faced with a rubber wall, most likely raised to protect the school operator following the media clamor, there was nothing to do but hear from some students or school employees outside the high school. Only a few answered the journalists’ questions, some with shyness and some with a certain fear. Most of them did not know Giuseppina or have never seen her, but there are good reasons: the high school is large and the schedules of students and teachers could not coincide with her incoming and outgoing hours, moreover she would work mainly on the floor underground and not in the reception as shown in the photo de The day. Someone claims to have known her since at least last year, describing her as a kind and helpful person.

It appears, in fact, that Giuseppina already worked at the Boccioni High School in the previous school year. Information provided by both some students and some teachers outside the school structure, which leads us to consult the latest rankings of 26 August 2021 on the school website. The name Giuseppina appears in position 78 (on page 2 of the PDF), but there is something different: the surname we read is Giugliano and not Giuliano as reported by The day. This explains why we were unable to find any social account of the school worker, traced thanks to a post from the account “Aesthetics The Oasis of Wellness“. In the list of friends of the Campania beauty center we find a Giusy Giugliano.

In addition to the Facebook profile, we also find the respective Instagram and TikTok accounts. The girl in the photos and videos seems to be the school worker of the story told by The day.

The other version: a short commute time

Through the various statements, obtained by discussing with those present outside the Liceo Boccioni, we obtain a different reconstruction from the one told. There are those who claim to have seen her at the beginning of the school year, while other collaborators and teachers who have been operating for a few months claim to have never seen her and to have known of her existence only through the newspapers. A teacher tells us something very particular, namely that the story of the commuter had been discussed within the high school a few months ago, only to hear nothing more about it. Another source tells us that some employees would have claimed that Giuseppina is gone sick after the first month of work and “extreme commuting”. All pieces that would lead to a version of the story similar to the one that was already circulating on social media through the

of the user Davide Andriolo, who would have of the teachers at the school she knew: “She did it twice and then went on extra paid leave.”

Looking at the various social publications, on his Facebook page we find a reel published on Tuesday December 22, 2022 at 17:04 when theoretically he should have just finished his shift at the Milanese high school. Another reel of the 19 October 2022 at 12:32 shows the beach of Castellamare. It is legitimate to ask ourselves if these and other social publications concern videos taken at different times and shared during the working day in a brief moment of pause.

The whole story is not entirely clear. What appears to be founded, by collecting the various testimonies obtained from students, teachers and school operators at the Boccioni High School, the 29-year-old Giuseppina Giugliano (and not “Giuliano) may have experienced at least one period of “extreme commuting”, known and discussed several months ago . A void remains, which can only be filled by the protagonist herself: by showing proof of her daily journeys. If so, we will be willing to talk about them and make them public to respond to all the criticisms that have arisen following the diffusion of her story. This not only for her, but for the main issue on which attention should be paid and which concerns all those who move to Milan for work: the problem of salaries and rents.

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