Valentina Ferragni reveals why she left Luca Vezil

Valentina Ferragni has decided to satisfy once and for all the insistent curiosity of the followers about the break with Luca Vezil. “I answer this question because it is obviously one of the most popular and you were also very fond of the couple so it seems right to me”, she explains before moving on to the story. “Obviously, like any couple, there were ups and downs and I personally never wanted to show the bass or share the bass with anyone. But sadly there was and when I realized that this bass was too low I I looked inside, I became aware of this thing and I made a choice that I think was right for both of us. That’s it. I think that once you truly become aware, you look inside and understand that something no longer makes you feel good. .. from there you’re already better”.

Breakup announcement
Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil had announced the break with a social media release. “After so many years shared together, Luca and I have decided to take two separate paths. We grew up together and we will always be united by great affection and respect for what we have been. I ask you to understand and respect our decision which, as you can imagine, is suffered so much” they had written in October using the same words. Rumors of crisis had already been circulating since the summer, when he had left alone for work and she was enjoying the holidays with her friends.

The pain of Luca Vezil
After the farewell, gossip about a hypothetical new love was unleashed for both. Luca Vezil was paparazzi in the company of a girl, but he immediately and categorically denied it. “Had I sought visibility from this situation, I would have behaved differently, but I’m not the person, you know me. Since this ‘scoop’ is capable of blaming me for a decision that I suffered, therefore neither taken nor caused, I would invite those who expressed judgments based on this falsehood, to review one’s positions. The truth is in the hands of two people and no one else and, as I have already said, I have agreed to keep it confidential out of respect for a person who has accompanied me for the most important years of my life,” he wrote.

The new life of Valentina Ferragni
A flirtation with the Spanish actor has been attributed to Valentina Ferragni Alvaro de Juana. However, she too immediately went on the counterattack, categorically denying a new love: “To all those who write about a totally unfounded scoop on my love life these days, I’ll spoiler that today Pablo is the only man in my life, I’m sorry ruin the fake news for you,” he says, alluding to the affection he has for his dog. In recent weeks she has appeared to have lost a lot of weight and to those who asked her why she replied: “I suffered and I lost weight”. She is now better, as she herself says, and is ready for her new single life.

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