The entrepreneur Samuele Landi, a fugitive and former paratrooper, was killed by a freak wave in Dubai: he was going to “his” artificial island

The entrepreneur Samuele Landi, a fugitive and former paratrooper, was killed by a freak wave in Dubai: he was going to “his” artificial island
The entrepreneur Samuele Landi, a fugitive and former paratrooper, was killed by a freak wave in Dubai: he was going to “his” artificial island

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The fingerprints of the body in the sea match, however the DNA result is awaited. The man was sentenced to a total of 14 years for bankruptcy: he had taken refuge, a fugitive, in Dubai

The fingerprints of Samuele Landi, the 59-year-old entrepreneur from Arezzo, a fugitive in Dubai, protagonist of the Eutelia crash, sentenced to a total of 14 years (but the latest sentence is not final) for bankruptcy, correspond to those of the body fished out of the sea in Dubai after the sinking of his barge. The Emirates police, explains the lawyer Amedeo Di Segni, who was Samuele’s defender in the trial, communicated this informally to the family, his wife Laura Gallorini and four grown-up children, but there is still no statement official to confirm it.

The lawyer, therefore, still urges prudence even if, he admits, the clues to a hypothetical tragic end of the former CEO of what was the fourth largest Italian telephone company, which later fell into extraordinary administration, are increasingly consistent and converging . But the result of the DNA test is awaited, the comparative examination with the genetic code taken from one of the children. Proof queen for a missing person who was a protagonist of the news and not just judicial ones. As a young man, Samuele Landi was a parachutist and Enduro champion. Five times she participated also at the Paris-Dakarthe classic one in Africa, alongside his friend Fabrizio Meoni, who won the grueling race twice, later leaving his life in 2005. Even at the dawn of the investigations, the entrepreneur habitually jumped with a parachute.

The accident at sea in which Landi was involved dates back to February 2, ten days ago, therefore, which passed without him giving any further news about himself to his family or anyone else. The last contact, according to sources close to the family, was precisely on that day: a video call with his wife suddenly interrupted, as if at that very moment the barge had been overwhelmed by the anomalous wave that the survivors speak of, fished out of the water by the coast guard.

The vessel was shuttling between the mainland and Aisland, an artificial island anchored outside Dubai’s territorial waters and exempt from the laws of existing governments, also and above all to their taxes, a sort of floating community equipped with the most modern technologies.

A bit of a repetition of the adventure that had led Samuele Landi, the “locomotive” of a family previously active in the world of insurance, to the creation of Eutelia, born as Plug-it in a garage in Arezzo and then became Eutelia, two thousand employees, listed on the stock exchangeactivities that ranged from traditional telephony (especially premium numbers) to information technology, with the absorption of a mature sector such as the Italian branch of Bull and a piece of Olivetti.

It seemed like the definitive consecration but it was the beginning of the end, accelerated by the sensational investigation of the then prosecutor Roberto Rossi (later chief prosecutor in Arezzo and now general prosecutor in Ancona) that thePosing the false accounting, he ordered a maxi-search of the company, its branches and even its airline fleet. It was 2008, iThe false accounting then turned into bankruptcy after the controlled administration ordered by the Arezzo court.

The trial ended with the final sentence of eight years (nine in the first instance) of the now former CEO: one hundred million would have been subtracted from Eutelia’s accounts and transferred to Swiss banks. Meanwhile, in the summer of 2010, the precautionary custody orders (still bankruptcy) had arrived requested and obtained by the Rome prosecutor’s office for the Agile branch, the Capitoline subsidiary of Eutelia. Following the arrest warrants from Arezzo.

But Samuele had already foresightedly moved to Dubai, from where, as a fugitive, he followed the developments of the investigations and the convictions. The second, six years and six months after the collapse of Agile, is not yet final. The lawyer Di Segni is preparing the appeal in cassation but he needs Landi’s signature within five days, otherwise the verdict becomes final.

The entrepreneur from Arezzo had long since become honorary consul of Liberia in Dubai, involved in a maxi-deal, Blue Carbon, for the offsetting of carbon dioxide emissions in Africa with carbon credits. Even the authoritative English newspaper had raised doubts about Samuele’s role “The Guardian”, which had defined him as a «criminal convicted in Italy of fraudulent bankruptcy». The last act, before the shipwreck and its mysteries, of a stormy life.

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February 12, 2024 (modified February 12, 2024 | 12:24)


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