hypothesis of manslaughter due to removal

There are several unclear aspects of the case of the fatal attack on the 39-year-old Paolo Pasqualini to Manzianakilled by some rottweiler while he did jogging. At the center of the investigations, the reason of the attack and escape of the dogs from ex-wife’s land, bordering the green area where Pasqualini was carrying out physical activity. The trail that is gaining ground is that of a possibility homocide negligent: in particular, we consider the hypothesis of a unauthorized breeding of rottweilers in the ground, and the possibility that this is not the first case of dog removal.

Killed by a rottweiler while jogging in Manziana, the case of Paolo Pasqualini

Sunday 11 February Paul Pasqualini he was practicing jogging in the woods of Macchia Grande a Manziana to treat a sciatica long-term, when he was attacked and killed by at least three rottweilers. What is not clear is why the dogs attacked Pasqualini while he was moving along the path at Poggio della Torre, and how the animals managed to escape.

The Carabinieri are focusing on these questions and have sent a report to the Civitavecchia Prosecutor’s Office. Pasqualini, department head of the Esselunga supermarket in Centocelle, had returned to live with family to the Quadroni village on Lake Bracciano.

The attack on Paolo Pasqualini took place in Manziana, in the province of Rome

Who owns Rottweilers?

Among the hypotheses being examined by the investigations is the one that it wasn’t the first time that rottweilers, belonging to a 43 year old man and resident in Viterbo, yes walk away from the home of his ex-wife, a 40-year-old woman, near the green area where the fatal attack on Pasqualini occurred.

There is also the suspicion that in that land, the subject of a site inspection of the carabinieri to check the conditions of the gates and fences, there could be a rottweiler breeding unauthorized and owned by the couple.

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Who risks being charged with manslaughter

Currently, both the man and Pasqualini’s ex-wife could be investigated based on the results of the investigations conducted by the soldiers of the Bracciano company. In addition to theomitted custodythey could also be charged with voluntary manslaughterif they will be held responsible for Pasqualini’s death due to the straying and attack of the dogs.

The dog owner he stated that he was not present at the scene of the accident, living in Viterbo, and did not understand how the tragedy was possible, stating that his dogs had never caused problems in the past.

Residents’ testimonies

On thehypothesis of estrangementa neighbor confirmed that i rottweiler who killed Pasqualini were calm and had never gone away before. Instead, her ex-wife hid in silence, protected by friends and family.

In the area where the tragedy occurred, most of the homes have watch dogs, as confirmed by one of the residents. However, it was his sister Priscilla who spoke about Paolo Pasqualini: she was moved to remember her brother as a person loved and well-liked by everyone, with the plan to move on even by changing jobs by studying physical education.

Photo source: ANSA/Facebook

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