The horror of Altavilla Milicia. He kills his wife and children and turns himself in 36 hours later. “I wanted to free them from the devil.” The trail of the sect

The horror of Altavilla Milicia. He kills his wife and children and turns himself in 36 hours later. “I wanted to free them from the devil.” The trail of the sect
The horror of Altavilla Milicia. He kills his wife and children and turns himself in 36 hours later. “I wanted to free them from the devil.” The trail of the sect

Palermo, 11 February 2024 – He felt a “demonic presence” in the house Giovanni Barreca. She would have said this before carrying out the family massacre that shocked the small community of Altavilla Milicia, in the Palermo area, and throughout Italy. Barreca’s 17-year-old daughter, the only survivor of the horror, reported the disturbing detail to the investigators. The man, 54 years old, he killed his wife Antonella Salamoneand his two sons Kevin, aged 16, and his little brother Emanuel, aged 5. He then handed himself over to the police.

A particularly heinous triple crime, which dates back at least 36 hours ago. These are the first rumors after the forensic examinations on the bodies of Kevin and Emanuel. The woman may have been torn to pieces, then burned and buried. The police are looking for the body. One of the sons was instead tortured and strangled with a chain.

The tthird daughter managed to save herself and is in shock: he told the carabinieri about his father’s ramblings, a religious fanatic. She would have remained at home with her father for the last 36 hours, maybe drugged. The investigation, conducted by the soldiers of the Carabinieri, is coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office of Termini Imerese.

Barreca, a bricklayer, allegedly committed the triple crime while the victims were sleeping, three days ago. Only this night he would have called the police and handed himself over to the Carabinieri of Casteldaccia. “I wanted to free them from demons”he told the police.

The contours and methods of the affair need to be clarified. According to some rumors, a couple of acquaintances could be involved is heard in these hours in the barracks. The sect possibility is not excluded.


The massacre on Friday, 17 year old found in shock

The police arrived in the house of horrors after the call from the murderer, Giovanni Barreca, the bricklayer who accused himself of the murder of his wife and two children. In the house this morning they found the couple’s 17-year-old daughter who – it is not yet clear why – was spared from her father’s murderous fury. The girl was in shock, dazed but it is not clear whether she was drugged. The triple murder dates back to Friday, about 36 hours ago.


“I wanted to free them from demons”

“I wanted to free them from demons.” This is what Giuseppe Barreca said this morning after the carabinieri entered the house where the massacre took place. Under interrogation, in the Bagheria barracks, there are a couple of Barreca’s friends who may have played a role in the triple crime, inspiring the murderer to carry out the gesture, which apparently dates back 36 hours ago, to save himself from Satan .


Barreca often quoted a healer and exorcist

Barreca was a true religious fanatic and often mentioned in his Facebook profile Roberto Amatulli, a self-proclaimed evangelical pastor, healer and exorcist hairdresser from Bari who claimed to be able to chase away the devil. Amatulli, who said he could cure serious illnesses and invited faithful patients not to resort to doctors, was involved some time ago in an investigation by Le Iene. Barreca was a believer in the Evangelical Church, which has several religious communities in the province of Palermo which, assures the mayor of Altavilla Pino Virga, “live their cult with sobriety and without excess”.


The aunt: “Giovanni often argued with Antonella”

Giovanni Barreca “often argued” with his wife “but we didn’t think this could happen”. For some time the two “had frequented an evangelist community, they cared a lot about it”. But “he wasn’t violent.” Thus Salvina Licata and Elisabetta Cassano, respectively aunt and grandmother of Antonella Salamone.


The relatives: we didn’t imagine such a tragedy

“They had financial problems, sometimes they argued but we could never imagine such a tragedy. He was very religious, he frequented the evangelist community, he often went to Bagheria. He worked a lot as a bricklayer and laborer but the money was never enough. Instead she was a carer”, say the women, Salvina Licata and Elisabetta Cassano, Antonella Salamone’s aunt and grandmother. The two report that the family had lived in Altavilla Milicia for about 5 years. Previously he had lived in Novara, where some of the suspect’s relatives have lived for many years. Barreca is originally from Palermo, while his wife Antonella Salamone was born in Aragona, in the province of Agrigento. Giovanni Barreca’s sick mother had also lived with the family until some time ago and is now in a nursing home in Palermo. “I had been with them for a few days, I saw that they argued sometimes. I left because there wasn’t a peaceful situation”, says Antonella’s grandmother.


Among the hypotheses is the sect trail

The sect lead is currently one of the hypotheses being examined by investigators regarding what happened to Altavilla Milicia (Palermo). Among the suspicions currently being examined by investigators is that the man may have also acted out of membership in any sects or groups of religious fanaticism.


Married couple heard in the barracks

The married couple, who are currently being interviewed by the Carabinieri in the Bagheria barracks (Palermo), have been in contact with Giovanni Barreca for some time. He would have brought man closer to the world of religious fanaticism. The two spouses are interviewed to understand whether they played a role in the extermination. The two allegedly spoke to the man about “demonic presences”.


The ‘horror house’ outside the town

The ‘horror villa’ where Giovanni Barreca, 54, allegedly murdered his wife and two children is located four minutes’ drive from the town of Altavilla Milicia (Palermo). The building has three floors, poorly finished on the outside; around there is a garden with olive trees. The police have sealed off the area and are combing the ground. It is located on a country road, about ten meters wide, along which there are other villas on both sides. A few meters from the house there is another house. The carabinieri sent a hearse through, which after a few minutes left, perhaps with the bodies of the two children.


The mayor: town in shock

All events planned for the carnival will be suspended and city mourning will be called on the day of the victims’ funerals: this was announced by the mayor of Altavilla Milicia, Giuseppe Virga. “I want to express the community’s condolences towards the families involved in this tragic event”, says the mayor


The body of the wife is being searched

The carabinieri investigating the family massacre in Altavilla Milicia (Palermo) are looking for the body of Barreca’s wife. Her body cannot be found at the moment but the police are searching her garden because it seems that the man killed her and then burned and buried her. It is not excluded that he may have torn her to pieces first. It was the same man who called 112 to say he had killed his family.

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