The lead singer of Placebo, Brian Molko, insults Giorgia Meloni during the concert in Turin

The lead singer of Placebo, Brian Molko, insults Giorgia Meloni during the concert in Turin
The lead singer of Placebo, Brian Molko, insults Giorgia Meloni during the concert in Turin

Brian Molko, lead singer of Placebo, insulted Giorgia Meloni during one of their concerts: here’s what he said about the Prime Minister.

Placebo represent the band of the moment in the field of alternative rock and contemporary rock. In fact, fans of this genre will undoubtedly know the musical group, who arrived in Italy to perform during the concert held at Sonic Park in Stupinigi (a few km from Turin). Thousands of people were present at the event, who applauded the English band for its first Italian tour.

What caught the eye, however, was what guitarist Brian Molko said: in fact, insults have flown against Giorgia Meloni and his statements left everyone speechless.

Brian Molko and the insults for Meloni: the video goes viral on the web

Placebo have arrived in Italy for one of their concerts, which has already had a great media impact. The reason? The way they opened their performance. There was in fact an offense against Giorgia Meloni, which was pronounced by Brian Molko, the musician of the band. In fact, the artist began the concert by pronouncing these words “Piece of shit, fascist, racist. Va*****ulo“, to then finish with the gesture of the umbrella. This scene made thousands of people speechless and referred to a gesture that Molko had made some time ago. The latter has in fact expressed – on several occasions – support for transgender and non-binary people, and therefore wanted to express some insults in front of the 5,000 people present in the audience.

Brian Molko insulted Meloni (photo: Ansa)

However, this was certainly not new to the fans of the band, given that Molko has repeatedly expressed his thoughts on some positions taken by governments. However, a measure has now been taken by the police present at the event, which announced that he had communicated everything to the Turin prosecutor’s office. The guitarist is also remembered, here in Italy, for the gesture he committed in 2001 during his participation in the Sanremo Festival: at the time, in fact, he ended his performance by destroying the guitar on stage. During a recent concert in Warsaw, he abruptly left the stage after realizing that many people were present they were filming the concert on their phone.

In the meantime, there is great anticipation for what will be Placebo’s next work projects which, despite everything, they always conquer millions of people around the world with their music and with their talent.

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