Massimo Ranieri, his daughter Cristiana Calone speaks: the truth about the father

Massimo Ranieri, his daughter Cristiana Calone speaks: the truth about the father
Massimo Ranieri, his daughter Cristiana Calone speaks: the truth about the father

A handful of hours from the airing of the program in prime time All dreams still flyingthe Daughter Of Massimo Ranieri, Christian Calone she had the opportunity to tell her life as a child without a father in an exclusive interview with Chi, given that the parent would only have recognized her later.

Cristiana Calone, in fact, is the daughter that Massimo Ranieri (whose real name is Giovanni Calone) had in 1970 when she was only 19 with Franca Sebastiani, who died of cancer in 2015. The woman, who is now 53 years old, is like her father an established singer, although she certainly cannot boast the same level of fame. Although Ranieri would have publicly recognized her on TV only in 2007, Calone doesn’t seem to seem too rancor.

“I wish I had a dad”

Of course, the woman has always lacked an important parental figure, so obviously the memory of her youth is not exactly the most positive. Talking about her early life without her dad, the singer commented:

“When I was born it wasn’t there, I couldn’t miss something I’ve never experienced. I don’t remember anything from that period. Then when I grew up I wished I had a dad too. I call him Gianni, I remember our first meeting, his purple robe with embroidery. Then around the age of ten, hearing my mom sing her songs and hearing her talk to her sister on the phone, I knew exactly who dad was.”

Even today, despite the past, Cristiana Calone seems to have somehow understood and internalized what happened to her in the past. By the way, in light of her career that she’s managed to build, she doesn’t even need to “march” on her father’s name. Based on her story, among other things, it seems that years ago she chose of her own free will to exhibit with the surname of her father, but the lawyers of the Rose Rosse artist prevented her from doing so. By the way, she also added:

“Today I recognized myself as an artist, I don’t need to use my father’s name, because Massimo Ranieri is just him, I’m another person. Now I have his surname in my heart, I don’t need it on stage.”

A possible economic return, therefore, does not interest her at all. At the moment, what interests her most is to live from her greatest passion, music, even if she would not mind, one day, having the opportunity to sing alongside her natural parent. Here’s what she revealed about it:

“I never gave a damn about money, I certainly didn’t lead the life of daddy’s daughter. I had a hard time, I did everything from waitress to cubist, from cleaning lady to secretary. I’ve never asked for anything, I don’t beg for help, I only ask God and Pope John Paul II.”

When Ranieri introduced his daughter on TV

Massimo Ranieri recognized the blood of his blood for the first time in courtin 1997. Subsequently, the artist invited his daughter during his show All Women Except Me, in which he dedicated them live The cure Of Franco Battiato. On that occasion, it was a real unexpected surprise, and certainly appreciated by both the public and those directly involved. Cristiana said:

“Evidently for him it was the right time, for me what counts is what he did. He has always been a reserved man who, on that occasion, made an important gesture, putting himself on the line as he had never done before. He invited me to see the program without anticipating me, who then at a certain point would have said: ‘I introduce you to my daughter’. Even today I can’t find the words to describe that emotion. Until 2007 I was the daughter of Giovanni Calone only on my identity card, then I became one in all respects.”

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