Vasco Rossi in Rimini, irreducible ‘I Soliti’ are already camped out: “We are free to dream”

Vasco Rossi in Rimini, irreducible ‘I Soliti’ are already camped out: “We are free to dream”
Vasco Rossi in Rimini, irreducible ‘I Soliti’ are already camped out: “We are free to dream”

Rimini, 26 May 2023 – As a swarm of bees, attracted by music honey of the Blasco and from first day of stage rehearsals of 1,200 square meters that stands out in the middle of the ‘Romeo Neri’ stadium, yesterday afternoon dozens of fans delirious at the arrival of Vasco Rossi blessed the official start of the official practice marathon which will lead to the two Kom performances scheduled for 1 and 2 June. And it is to the rhythm of the hymn “Vasco, Vasco” that now Rimini really is free to dream. Free to fly. On the wings of angels.

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“I am been here for at least half an hour”. He stands at the entrance Sara Pasini, who on his moped from 3.45 pm yesterday stood guard at the entrance in the hope “of being able to see my idol Vasco”. Hours of waiting, because it was only around 17.20 yesterday that Kom arrived at the stadium, aboard a black van with tinted windowswelcomed by the applause of those who spent the afternoon, as well as the next seven days, away from the facility to even just show all their love for the rock stars. “Rimini deserves to have Vasco here – is the thought of Rossella Lumi -. He loves this city and is a beautiful gift to his people”. Thoughts of those who already from 3 pm went around the walls of the stadium in search of an opening for at least peek at the show behind the stone. And someone even succeeded, arriving close to the athletics track before the ‘Neri’ closed its doors to the prying eyes of those who just can’t wait for June 2nd (June 1st will be a date reserved only for members of the fans club).

“He’s a big one pride have Vasco here – assures Alice Foglietta -. Especially in such a difficult moment for Romagna. I came here today to peek a bit, to see the big show they’re building”. And the show is really big. With the first guitar arpeggios rumbling over the ‘Neri’ from 4 pm. An hour of antipasto to the rhythm battery in the antechamber to the arrival of Vasco Rossi, who after leaving the Grand Hotel greeting those present, at 17.15 he was followed on sight by the bloodhound fans who also gathered in front of the hotel gates first and the cracks in the Neri railings afterwards. Then, Kom’s approach to the stage, the house of a lifetime and the very first words in Rimini: “Our adventure starts now”. While outside the diehard Blasco devotees have already pitched their tents in the parking lot behind the stadium.

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