Who is Sebastiano Bianchi, Fiordaliso’s son born when he was 15: age, father and job

Who is Sebastiano Bianchi, Fiordaliso’s son born when he was 15: age, father and job
Who is Sebastiano Bianchi, Fiordaliso’s son born when he was 15: age, father and job

Among the most popular artists in the musical field of our country there is certainly Cornflower. We are talking about one of best known singers in Italy, known not only for her truly incredible voice, but also for her particular sympathy.

Fiordaliso’s career in the world of music began when he participated in Castrocaro. Precisely starting from that occasion, the artist managed to arrive, in 1982, on the stage of the San Remo Festival. She also participated in the famous singing event in 1984, achieving incredible success with the song I do not want the moonwhich has obtained a notable response not only in our country, but also throughout Europe.

The difficult episodes in Fiordaliso’s life

We have various information about the singer, even with regard to her children. In fact we know that Cornflower he has two sons. Sebastian Bianchi is the singer’s first child and was born when she was 15 years old. The artist herself had the opportunity to talk about this phase of her life and the difficulties she had to face in various interviews.

In fact, she said she found out she was pregnant at the age of 15. In that situation it wasn’t easy, because her father sent her away from home and she went to an institution that takes care of single mothers. It was she who specified that in that historical period, getting pregnant with her was a shame.

When she left that institute, according to what she herself said, she decided to marry the father of the child which he had. This too was a very complicated period, according to Fiordaliso. In fact, he said that “there were blows”.

The marriage between Fiordaliso and the man lasted four years and the husband would have been, according to what the singer said, a violent man. She would have managed to overcome these moments of difficulty with the help of the family.

Sebastiano Bianchi, Fiordaliso’s son

Of Sebastiano Bianchi, the first son of Fiordaliso, there is not much precise information. We know, for example, that he was born on February 10, 1972 in Milan and that he has a son, who was born in 2011. Fiordaliso’s song entitled My angelwith which the singer participated in the Sanremo Festival in 1985, was dedicated to her son Sebastiano.

Cornflower’s second son is Paolino Tonoli. He was born in 1989, but it is not known who is his father. We know that the singer raised her children alone.

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