Wild Moss, Matilda De Angelis does not show up: here is the new guest chosen by Fedez

Wild Moss, Matilda De Angelis does not show up: here is the new guest chosen by Fedez
Wild Moss, Matilda De Angelis does not show up: here is the new guest chosen by Fedez

The protagonist of Lidia Poët’s The Law had to stand up to the rapper: this is how Federico made up for the guest’s absence

After a long absence, finally Fedez is back on social media: his numerous followers insistently asked for news of him since, once the San Remo Festival, the rapper had no longer posted content causing such a stir. There were many assumptions about his absence, ranging from an alleged crisis with his wife Clare Ferragni to Federico’s will to do hypethe fact is that he himself explained that he had lived a difficult moment and now he’s back to his routine… even on the social.

Matilda De Angelis does not show up at ‘Wild Moss’ from Fedez – Notizie.com (Instagram)

We know that among the various commitments of Fedez there is also ‘Wild Moss‘, a series of podcasts dedicated to themes of culture and society with different guests in each episode, in which there are moments of in-depth analysis, seriousness, play and unpredictability, which the rapper brings to the stage together with Luis Sal. In one of the last appointments there was supposed to be a guest Matilda DeAngelisbut the actress suddenly had to stand down the fight.

Fedez calls Rovazzi after 10 years

Matilda DeAngelis is an actress and singer born in 1995, born in Bologna. Among her most recent and most important works, the Netflix series of the moment appears Lidia Poët’s law in which she plays the protagonist. In fact guests of Wild Moss are always the hottest characters of the moment and so she was invited by Fedez And Luis Sal for a chat about the series and his career in general, but the artist announced through social media that he could not attend the appointment. The reason was not specified, but the rapper thus made up for his absence by calling another well-known guest.

Rovazzi guest of Fedez at ‘Muschio Selvaggio’ – Notizie.com (Instagram)

In fact, Fedez, with an Instagram story, explained that Matilda De Angelis will not be in the studio with them, but another famous character has arrived: Fabio Rovazzi. In the video posted Federico explains, ironically: “We haven’t spoken in 10 years and decided to chat on the podcast” and so presented the colleague, born Fabio Piccolrovazzi. Most likely the appointment with the Bolognese actress has only been postponed to a date not yet disclosed, but in the meantime there was no shortage of laughter and insights with Rovazzi.

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