Alfonso Signorini can’t stand it anymore, very hard lunge against the gieffino: “An egoriferito”

Alfonso Signorini can’t stand it anymore, very hard lunge against the gieffino: “An egoriferito”
Alfonso Signorini can’t stand it anymore, very hard lunge against the gieffino: “An egoriferito”
The opinion of Alfonso Signorini (Source of the GF Vip website) – Lineadiretta24

The conductor Alfonso Signorini has decided to finally have his say on one of the thorniest cases of this edition of Big Brother Vip.

The Big Brother VIP is now drawing to a close and the next April 3rd the grand finale of this sometimes controversial edition will be broadcast. The behavior of the competitors in recent months has attracted the attention of the public with the conductor Alfonso Signorini forced to fix.

In some cases the decisions arrived hastily, in others for some they arrived late. This is for example the case with Edoardo Donnamaria disqualified only 20 days from the end. Finally, however, there are some situations that according to viewers have not been addressed in the right way.

This is the case with Daniele Dal Moro which according to some users and enthusiasts has not been adequately punished. A situation on which the conductor himself decided to clarify.

Alfonso Signorini, his words about Daniele: what he really thinks

The portal Biccy reported a message arrived at Alfonso Signorini through the weekly Chi. In the message in question, a user asked the conductor to clarify Dal Moro who according to him has used the same ways as Edoardo for months Donna Maria without however being disqualified or at least booked in the same way. In particular, the user in question reported a furious fight between gieffino and Oriana Marzoli.

In speaking of Dal Moro, the conductor underlined: As for Daniele, he is not bad but he is certainly self-referential. He always talks only about himself and his problems. He hasn’t learned to listen yet. A concise, lapidary judgment that leaves room for few if any interpretations. However, it should be underlined how the conductor kept away from the possibility of a disqualification against the gieffino.

The words about Daniele Dal Moro (Source GF Vip website) – Lineadiretta24

Daniele Dal Moro, his complicated GF Vip

In spite of himself Daniel was a protagonist of this edition of the reality show. After a complicated start, the gieffino found himself at the center of some sensational cases. The interest of first Elenoire Ferruzzi against him which prompted him to distance himself from the well-known influencer.

Then the entry into his ex’s house Martina Nasoni with whom, after a few days of peace, he clashed until the decision to put an end to their friendship. Finally, the fluctuating relationship with Oriana Marzoli to which he said he was interested but gieffina for her part noticed some shortcomings that have not yet been fully resolved.

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