Marco Mengoni, the mother prayed to Padre Pio “to let him be born”: his story

Marco Mengoni, the mother prayed to Padre Pio “to let him be born”: his story
Marco Mengoni, the mother prayed to Padre Pio “to let him be born”: his story

Marco Mengoni? He owes his life to Father Pio. To him because in the first years of marriage Mrs. Nadia was unable to get pregnant with her. And so she asked the saint of Pietrelcina for the grace to become a mother. And thanks to the friar’s intercession, Marco was born with the stigmata.

A true story, told by Nuovo, made of great faith with Padre Pio who listened and accepted the prayers of Nadia, to whom the doctors had given little hope of being able to make her dream come true.

«It’s true, my mother is devoted to Padre Pio and hers is a beautiful story of faith. My parents gave me a religious education, while leaving me free in my opinions, so I believe a lot and I know that up there someone helps me». Her words spoken years ago, at the beginning of her career, showing a spirituality that hasn’t changed over time.

Marco has remained a normal boy, who believes, who has faith and who does not deny his own existential problems. Just like he sings in “Due vite”, the song that triumphed at the last Sanremo Festival. «It’s my never ending story, the story of the relationship between rationality and the unconscious», explained the singer who didn’t even hide that «I’ve been going to therapy for seven years. Relying on a psychoanalyst doesn’t give solutions, but it moves things so that you find the answers. It is said that everyone should go to analysis, but it is not true. Only those who are constantly looking for answers should go there, trying to understand the hidden part of everything that happens».

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Marco is this, he is that boy who was moved at the Sanremo Casino a few hours before triumphing. It’s the same one who says thank you, who kneels to his fans outside the Lido Mengoni, a refuge created especially for him, in the city of flowers, and for those who love him.

Despite the success and closeness of a united family, Marco is still searching for himself in an inner journey in which faith and the protection of Padre Pio constitute a fundamental support.

But for Marco it wasn’t an easy adolescence, especially when, weighing more than one hundred kilos, he suffered from the merciless teasing of the children around him. A dark period of which he still pays the consequences with a personality disorder called dysmorphism, whereby a subject is led to see imaginary defects in his physical appearance. But Mengoni is like that, also underlines the weekly Nuovo, a mixture of insecurity and bravado, marked by other little-known traumatic episodes.

Like, for example, his choice to leave home when he was only fourteen: «Do as you like, but you have to earn a living because I certainly don’t pay the rent», his father Maurizio told him to make him responsible, with a rigor for which his son thanks him today. It was a tiring period in which Marco waited at the tables, an experience of which in the past he spoke without complexes, indeed emphasizing the positive side of the apprenticeship. But Marco, he had to do something else in life. And he succeeded. On the other hand, with a saint in heaven like the friar of Pietrelcina, it could not be otherwise…

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