Ornella Vanoni, the heart attack and the rush to the hospital: the sudden tragedy

Ornella Vanoni, the heart attack and the rush to the hospital: the sudden tragedy
Ornella Vanoni, the heart attack and the rush to the hospital: the sudden tragedy
The background on Ornella Vanoni (Photo ANSA) – Lineadiretta24

The well-known artist Ornella Vanoni found herself having to experience a particularly complicated moment: the details of an unexpected tragedy.

Ornella Vanoni he is one of the most loved faces of Italian music and can undoubtedly boast a very important career. The well-known singer brought success to some songs that are still loved by the general public today. Furthermore, Vanoni is still a protagonist and usually takes part in important events.

Not only is she still in demand in television studios for heart-to-heart interviews, but she is also a popular guest at music events. Recently also the conductor Amadeus wanted the well-known artist on the stage of the last edition aired of San Remo Festival.

So many successes from a working point of view but at the same time she found herself having to overcome many disappointments from a private point of view.

The private life of Ornella Vanoni, the most important moments

As told by the singer herself, there were four of the most important stories for her. The first ever the one with George Strehler then terminated due to some habits of the known records not shared. After this story came the one with the singer Gino Paoli with whom he also collaborated from an artistic point of view. The two later separated and revealed that they also lost a son.

The third great love of his life was instead Lucio Ardenzi whom he later married and also had a son with. After their parting, the singer’s life came Daniel Sabatini with which she has been linked for several years. However, another man has been part of the singer’s life and is linked to a very difficult moment for her.

Ornella Vanoni at the Sanremo Festival (Photo ANSA) – Lineadiretta24

Ornella Vanoni, the story from the past: shock moment

During a past interview with The morningthe Vanoni revealed a very difficult moment and tied to a man that she has for so long considered the one of her life. In detail, she said: When my partner had a heart attack and I took him to the hospital, his family with his ex-wife rallied around him and then he disappeared.

Apparently despite having given him his support, the man in question never returned to her who found herself having to manage a moment of great discomfort. Now the Vanoni however, he is single and it is not known if he still intends to fall in love.

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