Was Marco Mengoni engaged to Mahmood? What do we know

Was Marco Mengoni engaged to Mahmood? What do we know
Was Marco Mengoni engaged to Mahmood? What do we know

Wow! Marco Mengoni and Mahmood are getting married! The rumors about their love story have been chasing each other for a while: how exciting!


Are Marco Mengoni and Mahmood a couple? For a few months there has been speculation about their relationship, but what is the truth? Both singers are very secretive about their private life and nothing has yet been confirmed about their sentimental relationship.

Is Marco Mengoni happily engaged to Mahmood?

Exciting news went around the world in March 2019, when the tabloids broke the news of the Marco Mengoni-Mahmood relationship! Chi and Oggi were two of the magazines that shared the juicy details: there was really something to talk about!

The former X-Factor winner is allegedly living an intense and passionate love story that he keeps confidential due to the fame of the person involved. Who will it ever be? Ah, the mystery of love!

Great news for Mahmood – here’s what we found out!

In Milan it is said that his love life is flourishing! It seems like she’s been in a wonderful relationship for a few months now. She is so sweet that I keep it private to protect her and keep it confidential!


Marco and Mahmood have kept their romantic and private life hidden and neither of them has confirmed or denied the news spread by the media. It is currently unclear if the two have been together or if they are currently dating someone else.

The return to San Remo

Marco Mengoni is excited to return to the stage of the Ariston Theater for the 2023 Sanremo Festival; he is an official member of the Amadeus event. During the first evening he will have the pleasure of reuniting with Mahmood, who will sing Chills, the song that won the competition last year, collaborating with Blanco.

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