Francesco Chiofalo was rushed to hospital after eye surgery

Francesco Chiofalo he had to urgently go to hospital due to an eye problem. The former “Temptation Island” contestant himself made it known, showing the moment he gets into the ambulance in his Instagram stories. The model then documented the journey to the hospital, concluding shortly before undergoing a CT scan.

Although there is no official confirmation, everything suggests that these discomforts could be a side effect of the operation he underwent a few weeks ago to change the color of his eyes. As the Dilei website explains, an intervention of this type can be very risky and, in the worst cases, lead to irreversible damage.

Chiofalo had described the possibility of changing eye color as “a dream come true” and had also responded to many haters who had insulted him and commented negatively on his choice. We hope that, after hospitalization, he recovers as soon as possible and without serious consequences.

Failure to participate in Big Brother VIP

A few days ago, answering a question from one of his followers, Francesco Chiofalo explained that he had initially been chosen by Alfonso Signorini for Big Brother VIP. He had passed all the selections but, a few weeks into the program, he was told that he would no longer participate.

Even though he had no explanations, he accepted this “no” without causing too much controversy. Here are his words:

“Regardless, I thank Alfonso and the authors for contacting me and trying to get me into the program. I really appreciated this.”

Photo: Instagram

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