Blanco’s return: new single «Desnuda» out on Friday

«Desnuda» marks the return of Blanco: the new single will be released on Friday 21 June. The announcement was made surprisingly yesterday afternoon by the singer-songwriter from Calvagese himself, who posted a portrait of himself on social media – in a shot by Daniel Bomb – which sees him sitting on a bed with his hands to his face. Below, the title and date.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the song in question – which follows the featuring of «Adrenalina» with Marracash on April 14th and «Bruciasse il cielo» created without collaborations last November 9th as the soundtrack of the personal road-movie – it should thus pave the way for the new album by the Brescian, which has long been requested by fans. And the work, characterized – it is said – by a South American rhythm by virtue of the performer’s long stay between Colombia and Mexico, sees as usual the “hand” of Michelangelo.

However, the inseparable right-hand man is not the only producer that the 21-year-old “local” has made use of, fresh from his appearance in the Mille Miglia: his colleague Andres Felipe Corredor also provided his contribution, after having already contributed to “Figlio unique” by Irama and Rkomi. The curiosity to know the finished piece grows: a few more hours of patience.

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