KANONENFIEBER: new single “Menschenmühle”

Press release:

“Nur der Tod gewinnt im Krieg
Only death succeeds in war”

Today i KANONENFIEBER they publish “Menschenmühle” (= human mill), the first song from the new album “Die Urkatastrophe”scheduled for release on September 20, 2024. Watch the lyric video, accompanied by English subtitles:

The artist’s comment regarding the song and the new album:
“The First World War accelerated the path towards modernization and is considered the “Die Urkatastrophe” (= “primordial catastrophe”) of the 20th century, characterized by wars and violence. Around 17 million people, soldiers and civilians lost their lives, large parts of Europe were destroyed and unresolved problems were left behind, which led to further violent conflicts. This album is dedicated to the victims of the First World War, so that they are not forgotten. May their fate be a warning to all subsequent generations, even after more than 100 years.”The album was recorded entirely by the frontman Noise, author and responsible for the entire concept of KANONENFIEBER.As with its predecessor, KANONENFIEBER’s second album “Die Urkatastrophe” is based on war reports, letters and original documents of the surviving and deceased soldiers of the First World War. His intent is not to glorify, because there is no glory in war. Everyone loses, their lives, their souls, their humanity. War is often represented abstractly, through numbers and statistics. KANONENFIEBER aims to tell the stories of the nameless and faceless in order to allow a small glimpse into their personal horrors. KANONENFIEBER’s black/death metal does not have the exclusive purpose of entertaining but also of educating and raising awareness against the glorification of war.

“Die Urkatastrophe” was recorded with Kristian Kohle (Powerwolf, Aborted, Benighted and many others) at Kohlekeller Studio and features special guest appearances Maik Weichertguitarist of HEAVEN SHALL BURN, on the song “Waffenbrüder”.

The producer’s comment Kristian Kohle:
“We’ve worked hard to take the Kanonenfieber sound to the next level. This is undoubtedly more aggressive, deeper and more intense than anything they’ve done before. Fasten your seatbelts! “

The comment by Maik Weichert:
“Kanonenfieber has always fascinated me, both as a musician and as a historian. The relentless musical power and melodies as well as the detailed work with authentic sources are truly something very special in this form. No obvious clichés or superficial provocations, but a highly creative musical mosaic with a clear attitude that shows us one of the darkest chapters in human history. I can’t wait to have the finished record in my hands and immerse myself in the music and stories.”

Preorders and other information will be announced in the coming weeks.

KANONENFIEBER will be in Italy for a single date on August 19th at the Arena Alpe Adria in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

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