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Angelina Mango has announced the cities in which she will hold in-stores to present her first poké melodrama album.

Angelina Mango (ph Andrea Bianchera)

During the final of Amici, Maria De Filippi’s broadcast which gave the definitive start to her career, Angelina Mango presented her new single “melodrama”, which will be released on May 24th, anticipating by a week the release of the album “poké melodrama”, the first for the Lucanian singer-songwriter, winner of the last Sanremo Festival with La Noia, which also led to Eurovision where she competed for Italy, qualifying in seventh place. During the final of the show hosted by Maria De Filippi, where last year she won the Singing category, she first presented a mix of her best-known songs and then presented the new single.

Angelina also announced her instore presentation of her new work which will see her tour Italy between May and June. The first date will be May 31st at the Discoteca Laziale in Rome, followed by the CC Mondojuve Shopping Village in Nichelino (TO) on June 1st, the 2nd will be at the CC ESP in Ravenna, the 3rd at the CC Shopville Gran Reno in Casalecchio in Reno (BO), on the 4th at the CC Gran Shopping Mongolfiera in Molfetta (BA), on the 5th at the Vulcano Buono in Nola, on the 6th at the Mondadori Duomo in Milan, on the 9th at the CC Le Vele Millennium in Quartucciu (CA), on the 10th at the CC ELNÒS Shopping in Roncadelle (BS), on the 11th at Parco Levante in Livorno, on the 12th at the CC Quasar Village in Corciano (PG), on the 13th at the CC Conca D’oro in Palermo and finally on the 15th at the CC Nave de vero from Venice.

The new melodrama song

Meanwhile, boredom is getting closer and closer, as a stream, to See you tomorrow and in a few hours it could pass it becoming Angelina’s most listened to single, with over 70 million plays, driving the album and this new single which takes it straight, with an uptempo, to the summer, playing with Latin rhythms. Melodrama was written by the same singer-songwriter together with Federica Abbate, Alessandro La Cava and Nicola Lazzarin and produced by EDD and Cripo and is a song that blends electronics with a reggaeton rhythm: “‘melodrama’ is Angelina as a child at home dancing in the living room, he closes his eyes and imagines himself on stage living outside the box, letting himself be convinced by dreams” we read in the press release that explains the song.

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Angelina Mango on tour

Next summer Angelina Mango will return live at the main summer festivals in Italy and in Europe: the singer-songwriter will perform at the Sea Star Festival in Umag (Croatia – 25 May), at the Nameless Festival in Como (14 June), at the Isle of Wight Festival on the Isle of Wight (UK – 22 June), at the Castle On Air in Bellinzona (Switzerland – 27 June), at the Gozo Festival in Santiago De Compostela (Spain – 6 July), at the Ama Festival in Vicenza (13 July), at the Alguer Festival in Alghero (17 July), at Piccolo Festival in Bagheria (Palermo – 2 August) and finally at the Brava Madrid Festival in Madrid (Spain – 20 September). In October, however, “Angelina Mango nei club 2024” will begin, the tour produced and organized by Live Nation which has collected several sold outs including double dates in Rome (11 and 12 October), Milan (17 April and 26 October) , Naples (14 and 15 October), as well as live shows in Molfetta (BA, 16 October), Nonantola (MO, 19 October), Venaria Reale (TO, 24 October), Florence (21 October), Padua (22 October) and for the third date in Milan (27 October).

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