Puff Daddy, apology after the viral video about the beating of his ex

Puff Daddy, apology after the viral video about the beating of his ex
Puff Daddy, apology after the viral video about the beating of his ex

“I’m really sorry”. Rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, after the publication by CNN of the surveillance video that immortalizes the beating of his ex Cassie Ventura in 2016, apologizes on social media and speaks of a “difficult reflection” on one of the “darkest periods of life” , but that “sometimes you have to do it.”

“I was messed up, I hit rock bottom, but I have no excuses. My behavior in that video – explains the artist in a video on Instagram – is unforgivable, I take full responsibility for my actions in that video. I was disgusted when I ‘I did, I’m disgusted now. I tried to seek professional help, I went to therapy, I went to rehab. I asked God for his mercy and his grace – Diddy continues, with tears in his eyes – I’m so sorry I’m trying to be a better man every day. I’m really sorry.”

The video: kicks and punches the ex

In the video published by CNN, Cassie Ventura is seen leaving a hotel room and heading towards a series of elevators. Combs, holding a towel tightly around her waist, then runs down a hallway after the woman before grabbing her by the back of the head and throwing her to the ground. Still holding the towel closed with one hand, Diddy then turns to kick her.

While Ventura is on the ground, Combs retrieves a purse and suitcase from the floor near the elevators. He then turns and kicks Ventura again, who lies motionless on the floor. About four seconds pass between the two kicks. Then the rapper briefly drags Ventura by his sweatshirt towards a room before leaving.

Ventura is then seen slowly getting up, picking up items from the floor and picking up the handset of an internal hotel telephone in the corridor near the elevators. Then Combs, still in his towel and socks, returns. A mirror directly in front of the security camera shows the rapper appearing to push Ventura once again.

Then, a few seconds later, the rapper sits on a chair, grabs an object from a table and throws it forcefully towards his then partner. Combs is then seen walking away, then turning once more to face Ventura when an elevator door opens and someone appears to exit.

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