«Boycott artists like Fedez and Emis Killa»

«Boycott artists like Fedez and Emis Killa»
«Boycott artists like Fedez and Emis Killa»

Codacons, after the dramatic case of Giulia Cecchettin, also tries to have its say against violence against women and does so through its anti-stalking help desk created specifically to offer support to victims of violence.

«We have decided to make an appeal to all Italian radio stations, to YouTube and to Siae to boycott songs by rappers and trappers that contain violent or aggressive phrases towards women» – explains the president Carlo Rienzi – Every day the national radio stations broadcast songs by artists who are very popular among young people, filled with phrases with explicit references against women, capable of fueling hatred and violence and encouraging aggression and extreme gestures. Songs that are regularly recorded at Siae and also published on international platforms such as Youtube.”

For this reason «in addition to asking Italian radio stations and the YouTube company to block the diffusion of such songs, we also appeal to Siae to refuse the recording of songs containing violent phrases against women, in order to prevent rappers and trappers from earning thanks to the copyrights”, continues Rienzi.

Codacons: boycott Fedez

Codacons then reports some examples of violent texts against women published by well-known Italian rappers: «Look at that / how he chews his butt. / I whistle at her every time / she passes by here. / I’d like to take it from behind / like in Assassin’s Creed’ is by Emis Killa (Nei Trouble) . »

«I’ll give you half an envelope if you give me a half bust, I’ll give it to you all if you kill Barbara D’Urso is instead of Fedez» (Blasphemy); «I rape Moratti and while she gives me a blowjob I cut her throat with the cutter» is again by Fedez (B-Rex status domini), while ‘These scenes are too hard / stupid without charm.

You need a mallet and chisel, / or my dick, / to get to the bottom / to knock it down. From behind like a dog / while she eats her food / I leave her alone / when her belly is full ‘by Gué Pequeno (Xxx, part 2 Hardcore) ».

Finally, Codacons recalls that «the association’s anti-stalking help desk is active, with the toll-free number 800199641 available to women who need assistance and legal support».

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