The Lions of Sicily: trailer and theme song Laura Pausini

The Lions of Sicily: trailer and theme song Laura Pausini
The Lions of Sicily: trailer and theme song Laura Pausini

A family saga, the story of a generation and a country. Here are the first official images of The Lions of Sicily. The 8-episode TV series directed by Paolo Genovese with Michele Riondino And Miriam Leone. Which comes to Disney+ with i first 4 episodes on October 25th and the last four on November 1st.

But not for everyone. Because in absolute preview the first episodes of The Lions of Sicily will be broadcast during the Rome Film Festival, which will take place from 18 to 29 October next.

Laura Pausini’s music accompanies “I Leoni di Sicilia”

Based on the bestseller of the same name by Stefania Aucithe TV series boasts a truly unique ending theme for each episode: Last, the latest single from Laura Pausini. «I knew Stefania Auci’s book and I find the work done by Paolo Genovese, the screenwriters, the actors and the entire production to transform it into such a compelling saga to be wonderful», commented the singer.

«I’m really happy that the series is accompanied by my song, Last. I believe there is a strong connection with the meaning of the text, the history of this family is made of bonds, intense relationships, which resist the passage of time and grow stronger. It tells of passion and stubbornness, couples who believe in the possibility of inventing their own destiny, a future, a life, thus making their dreams come true. “A life thought out and one to think together, one to invent, one to go crazy and one to last”. This is exactly what I sing and I find it goes perfectly with the world of The Lions of Sicily».

The plot of “The Lions of Sicily”

The Lions of Sicily is the compelling story of the Florio family. The brothers Paolo and Ignazio are two small spice traders who have escaped from a Calabria anchored to the past and in search of social redemption. In Sicily they invent a future. Starting from a run down shop they created a thriving business. Which Paolo’s young son, Vincenzo, with his revolutionary ideas, will then transform into an empire.

However, what overwhelms Vincenzo’s life, and that of the whole family, is the explosive arrival of Giulia, a strong and intelligent woman, in contrast with the rigid rules of the society of the time. The Lions of Sicily it is an epic made of love, family, successes, wars and revolutions, which takes place in nineteenth-century Sicily until the unification of Italy in 1861.

Not just Miriam Leone and Michele Riondino: a cast of many well-known faces

The series is played by two very good Italian actors: Michele Riondino in the role of Vincenzo Florio and Miriam Leone in that of Giulia Portalupi. Alongside them, a cast of supporting characters of the highest level. Starting with Donatella Finocchiarowho plays Giuseppina, passing through Vinicio Marchioni in the role of Paolo Florio, Eduardo Scarpetta in those of Ignazio Florio (son of Vincenzo), Paolo Briguglia in the role of the first by Ignazio Florio. It’s still, Esther Pantano plays Giuseppina as a young woman and Adele Cammarata It’s Giovanna D’Ondes.


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