Ehrengard – The art of seduction: the explanation of the ending of the film

Ehrengard - The art of seduction Mikkel Boe Følsgaard

Netflix has never failed to provide its subscribers with romantic films of all types and from all over the world, stories capable of touching and offering a light-hearted vision, thanks to which they can make peace with the world. Only recently, titles like I Want to Believe, Love Tactics 2, From You or Me, From My Window: Beyond the Sea or Choose Love, have established themselves as among the most watched Netflix films on the platform. To these is now also added Ehrengard – The art of seductionwhich takes viewers to a 19th century Danish court to witness a story full of romance but also of deception, betrayal and perversion.

Not the classic romantic film, therefore, despite many of the characters being moved by the feeling of love in their actions. As is demonstrated here, however, what is done in the name of love is not always done for a good purpose but can instead demonstrate intentions that are anything but altruistic and genuine. Directed by Bill Augustdirector twice awarded the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival (for Leather conquering the world And With the best intentions), the film is based on the short story Ehrengard Of Karen Blixenone of the most famous Danish authors ever.

Blixen is in fact best known for her 1937 novel My Africawhose 1985 film adaptation – which won seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture – stars Meryl Streep And Robert Redford. The story Ehrengardwas actually published posthumously under the pseudonym of Blixen Isak Dinesen. By continuing to read here it will be possible to find further details relating to the plot et al cast of actorsbut above all about some significant ones differences exist between the film and the book. Finally, the steps to take to watch the title on Netflix will also be listed.

The plot and cast of Ehrengard – The art of seduction

The story takes place at the beginning of the 19th century in the Grand Duchy of Babenhausen. Here, there Grand Duchessworried about her son, the prince Lothartoo shy and awkward to conquer a woman and find a wife, hires the court portraitist Bullshit, a well-known Don Juan, to teach him the art of seduction. But when the painter meets Ehrengardbeautiful and talented maid of honor to the princess Ludmilla, it’s love at first sight. While he tries to teach the young scion the secrets of the trade, he tries to implement them himself with Ehrengard, who however does not give in so easily.

Ehrengard - The art of seduction Netflix film cast

In the cast of the film we find well-known Danish actors such as Sidse BabettKnudsefamous for the series The courtin the role of the Grand Duchess, while Mikkel Boe Følsgaardfamous for the film Royal Affair, is Cazotte, the painter and seducer of the court. The actors are then part of the cast Emil Aron Dorph as Prince Lothar, Alice Bier Zandén in those of Ehrengard e Emilie Kroyer Koppel in those of Princess Ludmilla. Jacob Lohmann instead he plays Mr. Marbod, cousin of the Grand Duchess, heir to the throne if Lothar does not marry, while Sara-Marie Maltha is his wife Mrs. Marbod.

Ehrengard – The art of seduction, the explanation of the ending

Arriving towards the end of the film, Lothar’s new wife discovers she is 4 months pregnant. If the world learned that Ludmilla had become pregnant before her marriage to the prince, it would certainly cause a horrible scandal. So, to avoid problems and keep everything hidden from the Marbods, a plan is hatched to keep the progress of Ludmilla’s pregnancy hidden and wait a few months until the baby is born to announce it to the world. Cazotte then uses this opportunity to chaperone the prince and his wife and brings Ehrengard with them to look after the pregnant princess.

This turns out to be a ploy between the Duchess and Cazotte to allow him to finally create a portrait of Ehrengard, so as to make the damsel fall in love with him. Cazotte therefore creates the portrait, but secretly, spying on the woman every morning while she bathes and then drawing her. However, instead of finding him as charming as Cazotte expected, Ehrengard finds him exasperating and devises a plan to let him know that she doesn’t approve of his scheming ways. In the end, therefore, Ehrengard does not give in to Cazotte’s charm and instead chooses her boyfriend.

Ehrengard - The art of seduction Alice Bier Zandén

The Duchess, of course, never believed that Ehrengard would succumb to Cazotte’s charms, and therefore made a pact with him according to which, if he got what he wanted, he would be permanently employed at court and would obtain his own residence. However, if he failed to charm Ehrengard, he would have to lie with her. Meanwhile, Ehrengard discovers that the nurse’s husband has told everyone about her pregnancy. Marbod, who aspires to the throne, finds out about it and plans to unmask the family to take power. Ehrengard, however, devises a plan, making people believe that the newborn baby is his and Cazotte’s.

Since there is no way to prove otherwise, Marbod sees his plan foiled. Unfortunately, Ehrengard’s boyfriend, Kurt, also ends up involved in the deception, deciding to challenge Cazotte to a duel, with the latter ending up shooting himself in the foot. In the end, Cazotte fails to win over Ehrengard, thus ending up having to sleep with the duchess according to the bet they made. Cazotte, apparently very charming, thus reveals himself to be a voyeuristic manipulator who did not think that women could have the possibility of saying no to his proposals, thus being able to get who he wanted. In the end, however, he discovers that this is not the case.

The trailer of Ehrengard – The art of seduction and how to watch it on Netflix

As anticipated, it is possible to benefit from Ehrengard – The art of seduction solely thanks to its presence in the catalog of Netflixwhere he is currently at 2° place in the Top 10 of the most viewed films on the platform in Italy. To see it, all you need to do is sign up for a general subscription to the platform by choosing from the possible options. You will thus be able to access the catalog and watch the title in total comfort and at the best video quality, while also having access to all the other products on the platform.

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