She is Concetta Puglisi in Il Paradiso delle Signore: the actress is very different in real life

In the soap opera Il Paradiso delle Signore she plays the role of Concetta Puglisi. The actress is very different in real life.

After a long summer break, the soap Il Paradiso delle Signore is back on the small screen. Viewers are happy to find out what will happen to the protagonists. The eighth season, in fact, promises to be full of twists and turns. Various exits from the cast, balanced by relative entrances. Marco, Gemma, Ludovica and Ferdinando as well as Agnese Amato left Milan to settle elsewhere.

Concetta Puglisi from Il Paradiso delle Signore: what an actress is like in life – (photo Ansa) – The

Vittorio will have to deal with one merciless competition from Tancredi and Umberto, but surprisingly he will still be able to count on Matilde’s support. During the new season the character of Maria Puglisi will always have more space. In fact, despite the difficulties unleashed by the competition, the young woman seems to have a promising career ahead of her.

Her relationship with Vito, however, does not seem to be going swimmingly due to the distance. A new love could soon arrive in her life. At the same time, her parents arrived from Sicily to be close to her. Concetta, Maria’s mother, is played by the actress Gioia Spaziani, a face already known for having taken part in several successful dramas, including the Bastards of Pizzofalcone.

Gioia Spaziani is Concetta Puglisi in Il Paradiso delle Ladies

The Rai Uno afternoon soap, Il Paradiso delle Signore, has renewed the cast with the entry of new characters. Maria’s parents and sister have arrived from Sicily and wish to be close to the young designer. Concettathe mother, is one good and welcoming woman, always ready to listen to her daughters’ confidences. The role of Mrs. Puglisi will somehow replace that of Mrs. Agnese, who represented a sort of mother for all the employees of Il Paradiso.

What Gioia Spaziani is like in life (Instagram photo: @gioiaspazianitratta) –

Gioia Spaziani is the actress who plays Concetta Puglisi. Born in 1975 in Frosinone, soon discovering his passion for acting. In fact, already in 1995 she began attending playwriting courses. The turning point comes in the 2000s when she will be she sCelt for the role of Giò Palumbo in Un posto al sole. The Neapolitan soap will make it known and appreciated by the public at home.

He also took part in other successful dramas such as Don Matteo, May God Help Us, The Young Montalbano. Another decisive role is that of Letizia in the series The bastards of Pizzofalcone. Spaziani hasn’t turned forty-eight yet, but from the looks of him he seems much younger. The actress, despite being of Lazio origins, is very attached to the city of Naples, the city where she filmed both A Place in the Sun and the fiction based on the novels of Maurizio De Giovanni.

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