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For lovers of true stories, here is a must-see drama on Netflix

For lovers of true stories, here is a must-see drama on Netflix
For lovers of true stories, here is a must-see drama on Netflix

For all lovers of drama films, a perfect film is available on Netflix, which is inspired by an event that really happened.

The drama with an extraordinary cast

A moving story that deals with the conflicts of Vietnam and the protests carried out to stop the conflict, unfortunately suffered by thousands of people. This film released in 2020 met with great success, especially from critics, who celebrated the quality of the cast and direction, not to mention the masterful screenplay.

The title of the film in question is The trial of the Chicago 7, and is available on Netflix among the most critically awarded dramas. Considering the director, the success of this film was listed. In fact, behind the film we have Aaron Sorkin, director of multiple iconic films such as The social network, Molly’s Game or Honor code.

The main feature of this product is that it is a mix between a drama film, with comedy scenes, fully representing the American style. The actors certainly contribute to the success of the film, in fact we find names such as Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael Keaton, Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, just to name a few. They manage to convey truthfulness and emotion, to involve the viewer in a journey between war scenes and court struggles for their rights.

Indeed they are blamed for the riots in Chicago, since there has been a civil conflict in the USA since 1776, which is brought into question during the Vietnam War. The main themes are of course peace, political conflicts, rights, protestfor this reason it is a very touching film, which has impressed and marked the audience, although it is also pleasant and flowing thanks to the typical tones of a comedy.

We are in the middle of hippie riots, who clash against the police. When rebels break curfew, they are attacked by guards. The consequences are not trivial, in fact they end up in prison when we have Nixon in government. This is where the battles in court begin, for the defense of freedom and the victory of justice. In this circumstance, the corruption of the US political class will be revealed.

The plot of Sorkin’s grandiose masterpiece

It’s 1968, when the 8 protagonists protest at an event of the Democratic Party. After being imprisoned for the revolutionary acts, following a series of unexpected events and controversies, the group goes to a hearing, with William Kunstler as their defense attorney.

The 8 “enemies” of the government are Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, John Foines, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Lee Weiner, Rennie Davis and Bobby Seale and their demonstrations will cost them dearly.

Julius Hoffman is a judge who does not appear to be impartial, in fact, he tries in every way to accuse the Protestants, and tries to cut off all those who seem to support them, sowing difficulties and gossip. In these uncomfortable and complicated circumstances for the 8 defendants, it will not be easy to win a trial, being put at loggerheads by the US government.

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