Kinds of Kindness remains first at the Italian box office

Cinema Revolution continues to travel on a narrow-gauge basis, marking -40% of admissions compared to last year, even if the roster of titles available in theaters is decidedly less strong than those present at the cinema a year ago. The general decline also applies to the current year, which to date shows -37% compared to 2023, a percentage that will increase dramatically in the coming weeks, given that the Barbie of the situation.

Yesterday he remained first Kinds of Kindnesswith 88 thousand euros and 547 thousand in total, ahead of Me against You The film – Operation Spywith 60 thousand
euro and close to reaching 2 million e The Watchers – They are watching you, with 52 thousand euros and 333 thousand in total. The animated The Tunnel to Summer, The Exit of Goodbyes gets 33 thousand euros and rises to 60 thousand, Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga collects 22 thousand euros and rises to 1.6 million, IF – Imaginary Friends obtains 22 thousand euros and rises to 1.8 million, The Exorcism – Last Act it stops at 21 thousand euros for 647 thousand euros. They close Hotspot – Love without a network with 17 thousand euros and 103 thousand in total, The Murder Room with 15 thousand euros and 101 thousand in total and Haikyu!! Battle to the last refusal with 12 thousand euros and 699 thousand in total.

Tomorrow’s big group predicts The Animal Kingdom, From the top of a cold tower, Attenberg, Bad Boys – Ride Or Die, The Empire, Anna, Before the End – The Last Days of Enrico Berlinguer, Trip to the South Pole And Robo Puffin. The 18th arrives Iago Into the Whiteon the 19th it’s the turn of two summer heavyweights such as Inside Out 2 And The Bikeridersthey come out on the 20th The braid, The immortals, Tale of two seasons,
Chevalier, Escape to Normandy, Amen, The astronaut’s lover And Rite Here Rite Now.

We remind you that until tomorrow the cinema ticket costs 3.5 euros for all films and will continue to cost like this, at least for Italian and European films (unless otherwise indicated by the distributor), until 19 September. From 15 to 19 September the discount will also be active for non-European films.

Everything changes in the major eastern markets this week, with three out of three new leaders. In China, it wins Be My Friendwhich debuts with $14 million ahead of another new entry, No Zuo No Die, which stops at 13 million. Good collection for Garfield – A Tasty Missionwhich gets $17 million in ten days of play. BOCCHI THE ROCK! The first of the two compilation films planned this year (the second will be released in August) hits the Japanese box office, where Infinity returns to second place Detective Conan: The Million-dollar Pentagram, which after two and a half months of programming has exceeded 93 million dollars. New number one also in South Korea, where he wins Wonderlanddirected by KIM Tae-yong, grossed $3.4 million and topped in dailies Furiosa – A Mad Max Sagahere reached over 10 million dollars.

Box Office Italy on Tuesday 11 June 2024
1. Kinds of Kindness: Euro 88,320
2. Me Against You The Film – Operation Spy: Euro 60,266
3. The Watchers – They are watching you: Euro 51,996
4. The Tunnel To Summer – The Exit of Goodbyes: Euro 33,570
5. Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga: Euro 22,866
6. If – Imaginary friends: Euro 22,404
7. The exorcism – Last act: Euro 21,753
8. Hotspot – Love without a network: Euro 17,558
9. The murder room: Euro 15,346
10. Haikyu!! Battle to the last refusal: Euro 12,882

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