Venom 3, will there be links to Spider-Man? Everything we know

Venom 3, will there be links to Spider-Man? Everything we know
Venom 3, will there be links to Spider-Man? Everything we know

Venom 3: The Last Dance will conclude the trilogy of films dedicated by Sony to the symbiote played by Tom Hardy. According to some rumors during the third feature film, the comic book villain could finally meet his great nemesis, Spider-Man. Let’s find out what we know at the moment.

After trying to understand who the villain of Venom 3: The Last Dance could be, let’s return to the new film with the protagonist of Mad Max: Fury Road to investigate how much truth there is in the rumors that theSpiderman in the work.

The idea that the story of Venom can end with the meeting between Spider-Man and Hardy’s character is naturally very suggestive and capable of attracting the attention of fans.

Although there is still no confirmation of this possibility of any kind, the clue that has tickled the public’s imagination most of all can be found in a photo from the set that sees the London actor wearing the same Golden State Warriors t-shirt That Eddie Broke carried during the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home. This could be seen, at least as a confirmation that the third film of the saga should begin where No Way Home ended, marking in some way a connection with the work featuring the spider hero.

As mentioned, however, no official confirmation has arrived from the company Sony regarding an involvement of one of the actors he played Spider-Man in the various film versions, therefore, at least at the moment, we can only consider the idea that Spider-Man will become part of the narrative of the new Venom as a mere speculation capable of making the most die-hard fans dream.

While waiting to discover something new in this sense, we leave you with our analysis regarding the fact that Venom 3 could mark the end of the Sony universe dedicated to Spider-Man.

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