Docufilm on the life of Antonio Ciullo: special guest Albano Carrisi

Docufilm on the life of Antonio Ciullo: special guest Albano Carrisi
Docufilm on the life of Antonio Ciullo: special guest Albano Carrisi

MAGLIE/CASTRO – Appointment with memory, history and roots, Tuesday 2 April at 6.30 pm at the Moderno multiplex cinema in Maglie, where the docufilm “Il Frutto dei Sogni” will be screened for the first time, directed by Giuseppe Fersini, which tells the story of Antonio Ciullo, 80 years old from Castro, soul of the universe that revolves around the prized Castrense mussel famous throughout Italy, and entrepreneur of times gone by.

A gift that Ciullo wanted to give to his wife and children, to his family but above all to Castro of whom he is a living historical memory, on the occasion of his 80th anniversary, to be celebrated with his community, retracing the evolution and growth of a country of the sea through interviews, unpublished images, collected and made into a film thanks to the work of Giuseppe Fersini, former Commander of the local Police, lover of memory and already author of “Otranto aD 1480” and “The legend of Castro in Terra d’Otranto” .

Opening the evening of April 2nd were the mayors of Maglie e Castro, Ernesto Toma and Luigi Fersini. The screening of the documentary film will follow and then it will be the turn of Antonio Ciullo and his children to speak. The evening will close with Albano Carrisi, special guest and historic friend of Antonio.


Borrowing the family tradition, on the basis of the hard work of mother Nina and father Nzinu, Antonio Ciullo carried on the historic heritage fish shop with his brother Mario, which is still active today.

He never stopped, he chose to stay in his home but do research, improve and expand the business to catering and hospitality. A world strong in Antonio’s simplicity, humility and desire to work tirelessly. Today that small reality is a living universe, like the name “MareVivo” which refers to the warehouse where the black mussels still open today, prized and “cultivated” in the waters of Castro so much so as to be a garrison of excellence that has hit the headlines and it is not uncommon to see him cooking those delicious mussels, in the manner of grandmothers of old, and offering them to friends and customers. That is the fruit of the dream, a poor but precious and identifying ingredient, around which the story of a family, of a town, of an authentic piece of Salento revolves. In 2022, Antonio Ciullo received the coveted “Castrum Minervae” award. The documentary film will be screened in Tricase on April 11th –

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