“The box office flop is Bob Iger’s problem”

“The box office flop is Bob Iger’s problem”
“The box office flop is Bob Iger’s problem”

The star of The Marvels has placed the blame for the flop of the latest Marvel film on the president of Disney.

After years of great box-office results, Marvel Studios is now facing a very dark crisis that culminated in the flop obtained by The Marvels. Iman Vellanihowever, has placed all responsibility on the president of Disney, Bob Iger.

In a new interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Vellani said that The Marvels’ box office performance doesn’t concern her as an actress.

I don’t want to focus on something that’s not even in my control, because what’s the point?“Vellani said.”This kind of thing concerns Bob Iger“.

Vellani, whose appearance in the film marked the big screen debut of Kamala Khan’s character, explained that she was satisfied to have made a film she is proud of with collaborators she likes. Beyond that, she doesn’t worry about external factors.

[Gli incassi] they have nothing to do with me“, he said. “I’m happy with the finished product and the people I care about enjoyed the film. It was a lot of fun watching this movie, and that’s all we can ask for from these products. It has superheroes, takes place in space, isn’t that deep, and is about teamwork and sisterhood. It’s a fun movie and I’m happy to be able to share it with people“.

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Regardless of the future of the MCU, Vellani is expected to take on the role of Ms. Marvel again in the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars.

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