Best street food in Sicily 2023. Here are the winners from All Food Sicily


The best street food award in Sicily is organized by the editorial staff of All Food Sicily to support and promote a segment of Sicilian gastronomy, which today is unanimously considered by the international press to be a phenomenon with implications that are not only food-related, but above all cultural and historical.

Of these segments, Street food has always been an important part of the Sicilian identity and an integral part of our DNA. Not for nothing, Sicilian street food occupies the top step of the national podium, a figurative gold medal for variety of proposals and exceptional goodness. In the gastronomic panorama that seeks high standards. the consumption of street food is seen above all as typical eating (highly appreciated by international tourists), “smart and young”.

These considerations led us to reward the best street food venues in Sicily by provincewhich stand out for the quality of the offer, the variety of products and the desire for experimentation.

The first edition includes the publication of the guide including over 20 venues distributed throughout the regional territory and the organization of a final event, where the regional winner will be announced, identified among the best venues that have already earned the award for best Street Food venue in their respective provinces from our selectors.

Ke Palle in Palermo in Via Maqueda

The revolutionary venue dedicated to arancina, the queen of Palermo street food. An obligatory stop in Palermo for those who want to discover traditional Sicilian street food, in search of high quality and taste, from the ingredients to the cooking. In addition to the arancini, the offer is characterized by the so-called “author’s fried foods”, masterpieces of Palermitan frying in a gourmet key, always attentive to the quality of the product and ingredients.

The Bakery-Rotisserie in Agrigento in Via Francesco Crispi 164

Close to the Valley of the Temples, in the central Via Crispi in Agrigento, the Bakery-Rotisserie offers customers a variety of products ranging from the classic pieces of the Sicilian Rotisserie, winking at a Gourmet section that combines the desire to experiment with the Agrigento and regional tradition , to gastronomy, to the offering of traditional regional desserts and biscuits. An emerging reality of typical regional gastronomy which has seen the excellence of its production recognized with prestigious awards such as the “Best Sicilian Food”.

Nescy in Castellammare del Golfo (TP) in Via Discesa Marina

Among the best Street Food venues in Italy according to the Gambero Rosso 2024 guide. A gastronomic culture that enhances typical Sicilian specialities, revisited with innovative combinations. Respecting the regional identity, it uses zero km ingredients with a careful eye on seasonality. An offer that focuses on fried foods in typical pans and on the variety of sandwiches that enhance the culinary traditions of land and sea.

Umbriaco Cafeteria and Shop in Enna in Viale IV Novembre

Ambassador of Enna gastronomy in the world, he continues the family tradition thanks to the passion of Rosario Umbriaco, who has always paid great attention to the selection of the best quality ingredients, almost all “Made in Sicily”. A rigorous interpretation of tradition which, for the preparation of the “arancino”, has deserved mentions in important sector magazines.

Canusciuti in Catania in Via Santa Maria della Lettera

An entrepreneurial challenge characterized by the enthusiasm of young enthusiasts of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition who have created a small masterpiece, where Sicilian street food reigns supreme. A project that reserves centrality to the arancino with 15 different types, which are accompanied by further dishes typical of the glorious history of Sicilian cuisine. In the Etna capital, a successful reworking of tradition in an innovative way that wisely uses modern production technologies. which thanks to the goodness and taste of the products manages to gain the loyalty of street food enthusiasts.

Francis Arena in Messina in via Tommaso Cannizzaro

An excellence with 50 types of bread and 10 flavors of focaccia, as well as the traditional focaccia from Messina, it focuses heavily on gourmet focaccias and pizzas on the shovel. The great protagonist of this success is Francesco Arena, heir to the family tradition, an expert in leavening and bread making with ancient Sicilian grains and the use of organic flours which has earned him the recognition of Ambassador of Taste.

It will be held in Marina di Ragusa in Via Tindari 13

Excellent reference for “gluten-free”, pays attention to the specific dietary needs of the customer. In a welcoming and pleasant environment, you can taste excellent arancini with a light and tasty breading and with fresh, quality ingredients, which deserve a special mention for the consistency of the rice and perfect cooking

Fratelli Burgio in Syracuse in Piazza Cesare Battisti 4 –

In the Aretusea city, from the forty-year passion of the Burgio family, a sure point of reference in the name of authenticity, freshness of the products and originality, ensured thanks to a vast choice of carefully selected cured meats and cheeses. The specificity is identified in the ability to bring together the excellences and specificities of the island for the preparation and tasting of sandwiches which is characterized as a unique gastronomic experience. A certainty for those looking for a concentrate of true, and not artificial, Sicilian character.

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