F1, Mercedes own goal: a QR Code appears for drinks and spectators order… Red Bull

After Japanese GP Of F1the Red Bull it has become an obsession for the team Mercedes. The results have nothing to do with it Suzukatheater of yet another triumph of Max Verstappen. This time the team of Lewis Hamilton And George Russell he had to deal with an episode outside the track. The misadventure, grotesque to say the least, was caused by a QR Code for drinks appearing at the most inopportune moment. And it was the staff of the Austrian team who suffered the consequences, overwhelmed by requests from… Red Bull.

what a joke

The news was announced by the portal Global247news. It all started on the Suzuka weekend, when Hamilton gave a television interview from the Mercedes motorhome. As Lewis spoke, next to him, a QR Code stood out which is usually used by pilots and staff to order drinks and soft drinks. Unfortunately for the Stuttgart team, the detail did not go unnoticed. And so, in a few hours, numerous requests arrived from viewers framing the code. Many of these were Red Bull, the famous energy drinks produced by the Austrian brand, also founder of the F1 team of the same name. A tease that surprised Mercedes.


In fact, the Silver Arrows team was forced to change the QR Code to stop orders. However, the damage had already been done. As a Mercedes spokesperson confirmed to Global247news, “the orders did not stop arriving even several hours after the interview”. In short, there is little to be done: Red Bull can be a headache for Mercedes even off the track.

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