high flames and diverted traffic

high flames and diverted traffic
high flames and diverted traffic

September 22, 2023, 4.20pm


PALERMO – Day of passion for the territory of Palermo and its province, vehemently affected by the fire emergency. In Palermo, cars on fire, warehouses on fire, Viale Regione Siciliana blocked: fires that are keeping motorists and residents worried in the area between Bonagia, via Belmonte Chiavelli and Pagliarelli.

Three fires in the suburbs

A reed thicket went up in flames near the Bonagia bridge and the flames hit a car. Another fire broke out in Via Ernesto Basile, where the Christmas markets and the Fair of the Dead take place. A third fire broke out near a construction company in via Belmonte Chiavelli.

The rescue

The strong Sirocco wind is making it difficult for the rescue teams to intervene, who are currently also involved in other interventions in the city: in via Messina Marine and in the via Pitrè area.

A20 closed between Cefalù and Castelbuono

Meanwhile, again due to a fire, a section of the A20 Palermo-Messina was closed in the stretch between the Cefalù and Castelbuono junctions.

The fire in Viale Regione

As evidenced by a video, the flames broke out along Viale Regione Siciliana, not very far from the Pagliarelli and Bonagia prison.

From the place of the incident a rises up large blanket of black smoke. The roads closest to the fire were closed to traffic for safety reasons. Traffic diverted in via Oreto and long queues on the motorway.

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September 22, 2023, 4.20pm

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