Alessia Neboso: the story of the girl who died after cosmetic breast surgery

Alessia Neboso: the story of the girl who died after cosmetic breast surgery
Alessia Neboso: the story of the girl who died after cosmetic breast surgery

Alessia Neboso died at the age of 21 a week after cosmetic surgery at the Smeraglia clinic. The young woman, a beautician by trade, died in the emergency room of the Villa dei Fiori nursing home in Acerra. Neboso underwent surgery on 11 September in a Neapolitan clinic specializing in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. The operation took place early in the morning: in the afternoon the girl was already at home. «Until the 18th she had been fine. The first illnesses arrived that evening and continued into the morning. Then the progressive worsening until day 20, when she arrived at the clinic under code red and in critical condition”, she explains to Morning Dr. Feliciano Ciccarelli of Villa dei Fiori. She died of cardiac arrest. But it is clear that it is always the heart that gives out when the organs are irremediably compromised.”

Compromised organs

When Alessia Neboso arrived at the clinic, explains the doctor, the functionality indices were already all altered. «She had 17,000 white blood cells and her kidneys were no longer working», adds Ciccarelli. She also had breathing difficulties: «We subjected her to all possible tests. We wanted to understand where the sepsis was located. We had an ultrasound and a CT scan of the abdomen, again a CT scan of the chest from which we understood that the problem was coming from the lungs.” The stabilization attempted by the doctors was not enough: Alessia died despite desperate attempts to save her life. A dear friend of hers tells the newspaper that that surgery was one of her dreams and that she had to precede her marriage to her longtime boyfriend. «Alessia has always had the small breast complex. Even if it’s not true that he was small. In fact, in my opinion it was almost perfect”, he adds.

Breast surgery

«But she didn’t want to listen to reason and now she had decided to do it again. She didn’t care what others said,” the girl says. «She didn’t even listen to her boyfriend: he didn’t agree either. When she came home to give me her hands she didn’t talk about anything else and now she was very happy to have found the courage to go to the surgeon.” Alessia Neboso worked as a beautician in the San Pietro a Patierno area. Meanwhile, the family filed a complaint. The autopsy will shed light on the causes of her death. The deputy prosecutor of Naples Simona Di Monte has opened an investigation for manslaughter. An inspection was carried out in the Neapolitan clinic, ordered by the director of the ASL Napoli 1 Ciro Verdoliva. Who also ordered the suspension of operations in the nursing home. Which is located in the Gianturco area.

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