Weather, the rains arrive in the Centre-North: African heat between Sicily and Puglia

Weather, the rains arrive in the Centre-North: African heat between Sicily and Puglia
Weather, the rains arrive in the Centre-North: African heat between Sicily and Puglia

Two disturbances undermine the summer and a drop in temperatures is expected by the weekend. In fact, thermometers will drop by 7-8 degrees and the Centre-North will be hit by heavy rain. In a nutshell, these are the forecasts according to Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist on the website www.-

In the next few hours, a nucleus of unstable air coming from Spain will bring an initial worsening to the Centre-North with showers but also thunderstorms, especially in the western sector from the afternoon.

A second disturbance, of Atlantic origin and much more intense, will then descend from Scotland to Italy: today and tomorrow, even persistent rain is expected in the North and in part of the Centre. Locally, some phenomena will also reach the South. The African heat, however, will resist in Sicily and locally in Puglia.

From Saturday, all of Italy will experience autumnal conditions, with a widespread drop in temperatures, especially in Sicily where we will have an average drop of 7-8 degrees, from 35°C to 27-28°C.

The surprise could then arrive next week with an upside-down Italy: autumnal conditions will persist in the South with rain and possible storms, while in the North stable weather and sunshine are expected.

In detail. Today in the North, scattered rains in an autumn-like context. In the Center: widespread rains are arriving, especially on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the South: thunderstorms in Campania, sunny in the far south with African heat. Tomorrow in the North there will also be heavy rain in an autumn-like context. In the Center: locally intense scattered rainfall, especially in Tuscany. In the South: variable cloud cover, still hot in Sicily. Trend: weekend of widespread bad weather.

In the meantime, meteorologists are thinking about the summer that is coming to an end. And they agree that the past months have been characterized by heat waves and violent meteorological events, such as storms and hailstorms. A trend that began in May and continued in the following months. Already in 2022 the same period had presented similar characteristics but this year all records were broken, both for high temperatures and intense phenomena.

But what kind of autumn should we expect in light of the ongoing climate revolution? According to experts, it should return to being the so-called “mid-season”. In short, it will be a normal autumn, compared to recent years with particularly dry seasons. In short, we will see the rain again, especially in the North and in the Tyrrhenian regions, but the temperatures will still be quite mild, as expected for the period. The drought emergency therefore seems to have eased compared to the last 3 years. Temperatures will be just 1-2 degrees higher than the autumn climatology, contrary to what we see for winter.

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