the Gangi case conquers Asia

the Gangi case conquers Asia
the Gangi case conquers Asia

The small village of Gangi after being elected as the “most beautiful village in Italy” and having joined the “Houses for 1 euro” programme, it has acquired more and more fame also in international level. Not only did the New York Times praise this Sicilian town, but television troops also arrived from China and Japan.

The town of Gangi conquers Asia: the mayor’s party

Gangi it is a small village in the Madonie with a thousand-year history given that some archaeological finds testify that this territory was already inhabited in the Bronze Age. Unfortunately, this small town in the province of Palermo was the protagonist in the 20th century a wave of migration with many citizens who left first for the Americas and then towards Northern Italy.
The history of Gangi has taken a positive turn in recent years given that it was first recognized as a Jewel Municipality of Italy by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and then not only was it associated with the circuit of “The most beautiful villages in Italy” but was also proclaimed “Village of villages 2014“. Added to these recognitions was membership of the “1 Euro Houses” initiative, always activated to combat demographic decline.

All this seems to have had positive implications, so much so that the New York Times and The Telegraph talked about Gangi. These are now also joined by television stations from China and Japan who want to tell the beauties of this Sicilian village. In fact, Chinese TV cameras were seen on the streets of the town CGTN Europe and the Japanese ones of the TV channels Tokyo and Tbs. CGTN (China Global Television Network) is a foreign-language news channel based in China that is owned by Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV). They themselves decided to talk about the town of Gangi in the program “The World Today” which will be broadcast between September and October. TV Tokyo, instead, recorded a report on the “houses for 1 euro” project. The mayor of the town, proud of the successes achieved at an international level, thus organized a meeting collective celebration with special guests the owners of the houses for 1 euro.

The charm of Sicily

For what concern demographic decline the numbers describe that this is higher in the internal areas of Sicily while the area of ​​the south-east coast does not seem to experience particular problems in this regard. Although some hamlets and villages in the hinterland are affected by waves of migration, Sicily, however, continues to attract tourists not only Italians but also internationally. Its beautiful beaches combined with its historical and architectural heritage and excellent cuisine make this island a very sought-after destination.

According to the numbers shared by Correre della Sera compared to 2022 this year in Sicily tourists have grown in particular in the province of Syracuse (+94.8%), in the province of Agrigento (+65.5%) and in the province of Palermo (+63.5%).
Not only that, Sicily is a destination that the super rich like it given that in the first three months of 2023 almost 500 millionaires arrived on the island for short stays in luxury locations.

The success of the region is due to the choice of greats international giants (like Louis Vuitton) to invest in the region but also thanks to the popularity given to the American fiction The White Lotus. The first season of the series was filmed in Hawaii, while the second was set in Palermo. Others are added to this TV series filmed on the island such as the third season of Makari, but also “The Last Corleonese” and “The Leopard”, produced respectively by Mediaset and Netflix.

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