«Me, harassed on the subway by Newcastle fans heading to the stadium. As a passenger I felt defenseless”

Harassed on the subway by Newcastle fans, the English team that is AC Milan’s opponent in the Champions League. The journalist is the victim Giovanna Fumarola in the hours before the San Siro match. «I took the M5 line in Bicocca towards Piazzale Lotto – says Fumarola -. At the Garibaldi stop hundreds of English fans got on and the carriages were already full of passengers. Many Englishmen were drunk, many were bare-chested, we were terrified.”

Then what happened?
«The fans started jumping, banging their fists against the carriage and the windows. So much so that the convoy was stopped for a few minutes because it was impossible to close the doors.”

Where was she?
«I was sitting and thinking about how to get off at the next stop, the Monumentale. As soon as I got up to leave I was harassed by the fans: hands everywhere, a very bad situation. And clearly it didn’t just happen to me, it also happened to other passengers.”

Did you call the police?
«I tried but, while I was on the subway, the operator couldn’t understand my words due to the noise caused by the fans. I wonder why, as has happened on other occasions, subway trains haven’t been set up just for the fans. They were moments of real fear in addition to the violence and disgust for what I suffered.”

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