it had been there for two weeks, reported by the neighbors

it had been there for two weeks, reported by the neighbors
it had been there for two weeks, reported by the neighbors

A dramatic script that repeats itself every time we talk about tragedy of loneliness. In this round the unfortunate fate has befallen a lady elderlywhose age has not yet been revealed, who was lying lifeless in his apartment in Fidenzain the province of Parma. The alarm was raised by neighbors who had not heard from him for days.

Elderly woman found dead at home in Fidenza

Information is still fragmentary.

‘Parma Today’ talks about the tragedy of loneliness: an elderly woman was found dead in his home in Fidenza, near Parma, by the carabinieri called by the neighbors.

An elderly woman was found dead in her home in Fidenza, near Parma. The lady lived alone

According to initial rumours, the woman she lived alone.

As already mentioned, the woman’s neighbors alerted the police, worried about a silence that had lasted for a few days. According to the ‘Gazzetta di Parma’ the residents also complained about a nauseating odor.

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The hypothesis is that the woman was dead for at least fifteen days.

The investigations

The carabinieri arrived at number 20 Vicolo Visconti around 12pm on Tuesday 19 September.

Inside the apartment the soldiers found themselves in front of the woman’s body and remained inside the premises for a long time to make sure that the death occurred due to natural causes.

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For the moment it is not known the position of the body or in which room it was found.

In a few moments, number 20 was besieged by journalists and onlookers, forcing the police to cordon off the area to facilitate surveys.

Investigations to establish the causes of death are still underway.

A case in England

The tragic deaths at home discovered after a long time are a constant in the crime news.

One of the most striking cases of recent times comes from Woking, in Surrey, England, where a 38-year-old girl was found dead in January 2023.

The findings established that the death of Laura Winham – this is the name of the young woman – dates back at least three years earlier of the discovery.

For years no one would have cared about her absence, and for this reason her family lashed out against the local authorities and the social services who cared for her because Laura was suffering from a disability.

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