Marsilio meets Rai to define future collaborations with Abruzzo

Marsilio meets Rai to define future collaborations with Abruzzo
Marsilio meets Rai to define future collaborations with Abruzzo

The president of the Abruzzo Region, Marco Marsilio, met today at the Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini in Rome with the CEO Roberto Sergio and the general director Giampaolo Rossi. A fruitful meeting to define the various present and future collaborations between the Abruzzo Region and Rai, starting with ‘Cartoons on the bay’ and ‘Night of Serpents’, to broaden the discussion to include the Film Commission.

In relation to the latter, President Marsilio illustrated the announcement and the next steps to the Rai top management with the intention of also requesting from the management of Viale Mazzini the attention that the Abruzzo Region deserves in terms of subjects and film locations.

Agreement was also reached

to also extend the contract to 2025 and 2026 (with an option for 2027) which provides for the holding of the ‘Cartoons on the bay’ event in Abruzzo.

“It’s excellent news, Rai is the main cultural and entertainment company in Italy and among the very first in Europe; being able to benefit from their collaboration is of fundamental importance for the growth and development of the entire region. I am proud to have found full satisfaction in Rai for how ‘Cartoons on the bay’ was welcomed and promoted in the regional territory. It was not a given that this event would remain in Abruzzo. I am sure that we will receive just as much mutual satisfaction with the next edition of the ‘Night of Snakes’ and also with Perdonanza, for which we have proposed a similar promotional opportunity. Satisfaction that I hope to also register with regard to the television, audiovisual and cinematographic productions to be implemented through the Film Commission”, declared the President of the Region

Abruzzo, Marco Marsilio.

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