SARDINIAN VISIONS 29 – The selection presented in Cagliari

SARDINIAN VISIONS 29 – The selection presented in Cagliari
SARDINIAN VISIONS 29 – The selection presented in Cagliari

Sardinian Visions is an initiative born in 2014 as part of the historic Visioni Italiane Festival of the Cineteca di Bologna, a festival which reaches its 29th edition this year, with the aim of telling Sardinia through cinema.

Over the years, the festival has attracted the attention of the public, operators and critics for the quality of the selected works and for the attention paid to new developments and everything that animates young Sardinian cinema.

Year after year the section “Sardinian Visions“, which this year reaches its 10th edition, has become increasingly larger, maintaining its vocation as a showcase for quality cinema produced in Sardinia and for the discovery and valorisation of young Sardinian talents to whom it offers the opportunity to reach the largest national and international audience.

After various editions in which the event took place in Bologna, for a few years now “Sardinian Visions” arrives in Cagliari, where the screening of the selected shorts and the award ceremony for the best film will be held on 30 September 2023. The tour of “Sardinian Visions” in Italy and abroad.

Visioni Sarde 2023: the selected works

DALIA by Joe Juanne Piras (Italy/17′)
Sara, a 7-year-old girl, is found unconscious in the woods. She was drugged and abused. It is the most difficult case that Dalia, a child psychologist with a simple life, has ever faced. The woman has little time to dig into the little girl’s mind and understand what happened before it happens again. She will understand very soon that dealing with repressed traumas has a very high price to pay.
Cast: Laura Mura (Dalia) Carolina Orrù (Sara) Tiziano Polese (Marshal) Michele Sarti (Romeo) Gianmarco Diana (Father Sara) Valentina Puddu (Mother Sara).
Director: Joe Juanne Piras. Screenplay: Francesca Maria Scanu and Joe Juanne Piras. Photography: Damiano Picciau. Music: Emanuele Contis. Sound: Emanuele Pusceddu. Costumes: Stefania Grilli. Scenography: Francesca Melis, Makeup: Roberta Masia, Editing: Joe Juanne Piras.

DOWN CUN GIUALI by Michela Anedda (Italy/3′)
Giuali are very different cousins: one is clean and tidy, the other is dirty and irreverent. The two, playing, find a way to go beyond appearances.
Genre: Fiction short film. Technique: Stop motion animation. Format: Video 1920×1080. Screenplay, direction and animation: Michela Anedda. Graphic concept: Marina Brunetti. Additional drawings: Luca Tuveri. Storyboard and animatic: Giulia Pes. Voice: Lia Careddu.
Music and sound: Simone Mura. Producers: ISRE Sardinia and Cineteca Sarda.

HOODED, DARK by Nicola Camoglio (Italy-Sweden/13′)
Sardinia, 70s. Clotilde and Mondino are a couple traveling in the hinterland of the island. They are headed towards Nuoro, where Mondino must deliver his employer’s car. During this fateful journey at the height of the paranoia of the Years of Lead, the couple comes into contact with a gang of kidnappers, experiencing first-hand the uncertain reality of the time.
Cast: Enrica Pintore (Clotilde), Simeone Latini (Mondino), Lia Careddu (Ileana), Tiziano Polese (Doctor Conti), Francesco Falchetto (Bandito), Costantino Cicalo’ (Michele), Michele De Luca (Appuntato Manca), Giacomo Serreli (Journalist), Alberto Serreli (Bandit), Martino Melis (Bandit). Direction, Story and Screenplay: Nicola Camoglio. Music: Fredrik Jonasson. Editing: Francesco Loi. Photography: Camilla Topuntoli. Sound: David Kuuse (Sound Design). Producer: Andrea Benoni, Marco Benoni, Nicola Camoglio.
Hooded, Foschi was produced by Ominous Picture, Artevideo with the contribution of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the Swedish Film Institute and the Sardinia Foundation.

THE PRIEST’S PUNISHMENT by Francesco Tomba and Chiara Tesser (Italy/18′)
The story has as its protagonists a greedy priest and landowner from Loiri, Don Fresu, and a very astute blind man from Luras, a Mr. Depperu. The two, engaged in the buying and selling of the curate’s livestock, will begin a long negotiation which will ultimately lead to the cunning of one prevailing over the avarice of the other.
Cast: Maurizio Giordo, Massimiliano Caprara, Silvia Carusillo, Marco Tomba, Rinaldo Schirru, Enea Satta, Pasquale Gregu, Giuseppe Murrali. Subject: Salvatore Giua. Screenplay: Chiara Tesser. Music: Mick Taras. Editing: Francesco Tomba. Costumes: Salvatore Aresu. Scenography: Francesca Ragazzo. Photography: Pierfrancesco Carta. Sound: Andrea Camboni.
An ISRE production, with the contribution of Sardegna Film Commission. Production: Francesco Tomba.

WHAT IS MINE by Gianni Cesaraccio (Italy/19′)
Four terminally ill patients travel across a rural landscape, armed to the teeth, carrying out one robbery after another. They are friends, colleagues: former soldiers who fell ill on missions. They will have to overcome their limits and their fears to be able to give strength and dignity to their last days.
Cast: Marco Bullitta, Vanni Fois, Roberto Fara, Davide Tassi, Teodora Puggioni.
Plot and Screenplay: Gianni Cesaraccio from an idea by Marco Bullitta. Director of Photography: Giuseppe Pagano. Scenography: Federico Maugeri. Costumes: Salvatore Aresu. Makeup: Francesca Cattari. Editing: Giuseppe Pagano. Music: Gianfranco Marongiu. Sound: Lorenzo Cardelli. Live broadcast: Gianfranco Marongiu. Producer: Fabio Donatini, Chiara Nicoletti. Production: Zarathustra Film. Distribution: Esen Studios.

RANAS by Daniele Arca (Italy/18′)
Lorenzo, a restless teenager, comes into possession of the gun belonging to his recently deceased father. Together with Gabriele, his new schoolmate, he ventures into the countryside near the town to try shooting. A total solar eclipse is expected that afternoon. By showing courage the boy convinces himself that he can see his father again.
Cast: Lorenzo D’Aura, Diego Madeddu, Daniela Musiu, Rita Giovanna Pau, Matteo Losisci, Andrea Atzori, Clara Coria, Emma Fenu, Isabella Onano.

FREE BEACH by Ludovica Zedda (Italy/16′)
On a deserted beach, between the sound of the waves and the sunlight, Roberto and Matilde spend a seemingly peaceful summer day between father and daughter. He is a daydreamer, a man who constantly lives in memories of the past. She is a grumpy and rebellious little girl who is going through that strange transition from childhood to adolescence. Behind the memories of one and the silences of the other, lies the fear of addressing a critical topic for both.
Cast: Agata Pisani, Fabrizio Croci, Giulia Gonella, Gerolamo Delogu, Roberto Braga. Story and Screenplay: Ludovica Zedda. Music: Marius Berardinelli Costumes: Arianna Cortese. Photography: Eleonora Castiello. Sound: Nicole Abbiati, Fabio Bruno.

I’M WAITING FOR YOU HERE by Gabriele Brundu (Italy/13′)
An event turns the life of Andrea, a 9-year-old boy, upside down, forcing him to put his childhood to the test. With the help of his parents, little Andrea moves lightly into the world of adults to restore the broken balance.
Cast: Angelo Piragino, Gavinucciu Ruda, Natalina Foddai, Jacopo Fulagiani, Giovanni Delogu. Screenplay: Gabriele Brundu. Photography: Giuseppe Camassa, Nicola Scognamillo. Scenography: Salvatore Angius. Makeup: Isabella Lucchi. Editing: Gabriele Brundu. Sound: Gianmarco Fogu. Production: Gabriele Brundu. Distribution: Alpha film.

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